Melania Trump's Smile Turns Instantly Into A Frown: What Did She Hear? [Opinion]

What caused Melania Trump to wipe that smile off her face in a fraction of a second? Did Melania hear something, or were the events of the day causing a bit of an anxious stomach for the new First Lady? No one knows what happened to instantly take Melania from her glamorous smile to that frown, but it happened at one point during the inaugural event, and it was caught on video. Speculation is running rampant online as to what made that lovely face turn instantly sad?

This tiny snapshot in time caught Melania's facial expression do an about turn just as her husband turned away from her. Trump appeared to be talking to Melania right before he turned his back to her to look forward. Since there was a crowd around Melania at the time, you can't tell who the President was actually addressing. Perhaps the timing of that frown suggests it might be something he said that caused Melania's facial expression to change, which can be seen in the video below.

Snopes reports that Melania appears to be forcing a smile in the first place, but once Donald Trump turns around, she "reverts to a frown." Needless to say, this video is becoming quite popular, and just about everyone is asking "what did he say to her?" Was it actually Donald Trump who wiped the smile off Melania's face? No one knows that for sure, but that's not stopping them from having a field day online speculating what he might have said.

The New York Magazine reports that the clip is "definitely real," they traced it back to the real time in the events. So you know that this frown did happen, but you still don't know why. The magazine reports that this is not the first time signs of an "icy relationship" has been captured on video between Melania and Donald Trump. They fail to mention all the times the two appear very happy together, as in the snapshot seen in the tweet below.

New York Magazine suggests that if you think this clip has been doctored, you can play the inauguration video ahead 2 hours and 51 minutes to catch the smile that turns into a frown within the context it was taken from. Some people online are suggesting that this clip is shown in reverse, but the New York Magazine claims that it happened just as you see it in the video clip.

The Sun claims that Melania was struggling to keep up appearances before this frown was captured. They called her frown a somber-faced scowl. Social media has all kinds of ideas on what Trump said to his wife to bring this on, like the tweet below.

It's ironic that the same social media that President Trump finds so useful to get his "real" words out there to folks just happens to be the same social media taking tiny moments in time from his family and analyzing them. Many times people use these clips for the wrong reasons.

It seems that the Trump family can offer up a great example of the different aspects of social media when it comes to daily life. Yes, Donald Trump can get his words out there without the words becoming twisted or made to take on an entirely new meaning. But some people can use the social media to build a story that has very little basis in truth.

This was never seen more clearly than when Barron's behavior was seen as the behavior of an autistic child during the Republican debate and again on election night. This wasn't the case as Melania made clear. What people were actually seeing was the behavior of very sleepy 10-year-old boy in the wee hours of the morning.

Donald Trump and Melania shared a very adoring moment during their first dance as the President and First Lady. This is seen in the tweet below. This picture never went viral. Apparently, when Melania has a momentary frown, it spikes more interest than it does when Donald and Melania share a moment of admiration for each other.

The world got to see Barron snub his mom's hand-holding attempt in a social media clip, which the youngster probably did to avoid embarrassment. A 10-year-old boy doesn't usually want to be seen in public holding his mom's hand, no matter how beautiful she may be. Barron quickly pulling his hand away from Melania should have been the end of the story for the lad, but instead, the event is played over and over again on a video across the social media sites.

Social media can also take a moment in time, like Melania's frown and build it into an "unhappy wife," which is what many are surmising today. The social media sites might spread the true words of Trump to the nation, but they can also take a rumor and make it look like the truth.

[Featured Image by Patrick Semansky/AP Images]