Lauren Goodger Wants To Go Under The Knife Again, But Not Because Of A Boob Job Gone Wrong

Lauren Goodger has announced that she intends to have yet another boob job, thus arousing speculation that it might be because of a previous boob job gone wrong.

Goodger has been honest about undergoing numerous boob jobs in the past so that she could achieve the perfect breasts. The Towie star recently revealed that she intends to go under the knife yet again because she is not pleased with the size of her breasts. However, this is not because she had a bad boob job.

Natural breastfeeding is one of her goals

Lauren wants to have her size 32F breasts reduced and not because of a boob job gone wrong but because she feels that they are not the right fit if she wants to breastfeed. She stated that she wants to breastfeed her future children naturally and reduce the size of her breasts would be an ideal option if she wants to achieve her objective. She also added that she would not mind having another breast surgery after breastfeeding her children.

Lauren Goodger boob job gone wrong? See pics
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"I would like to breastfed because I think it's more natural and it's better for the baby. If I do breastfeed and my boobs change I would have them done again, I'm not afraid to do that," Goodger pointed out.

Lauren is on a weight loss mission

Lauren has also been hitting the gym and working out so that she can shed some weight as part of her new year's resolution. She set off on her mission at the beginning of the year and she recently announced that she has successfully lost six lbs.

"I've lost 6lb so far this month and I'm convinced it's because I'm not drinking alcohol. My face is a lot less bloated," Lauren stated.

The 30-year-old stated that the idea of going under the knife once again is not farfetched because losing weight means her lean body will not match her breast size. She feels that it is a good idea to have them reduced so that they will match her frame. The Towie star went under the knife for the first time in 2014 to have her size 32DD changed to 32F. Her natural breast size was already large but she wanted them bigger. The reality star does not mind the idea of multiple surgeries to achieve her desired breast size.

Lauren Goodger boob job gone wrong? See pics
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The reality star also stated that she is no longer worried about the size of her derriere though she currently boasts of a shapely bum courtesy of her gym sessions. She stated that she is no longer worried about it because she simply changed her mind. She also opened up about her weight-loss diet which she claims has been tough for her. Lauren revealed that she has been keeping off big meals in favor of foods with fewer carbs.

The 30-year-old also pointed out that she has been working out a lot and that it has mostly been weights and cardio. The treadmill has especially been her friend, and she also likes swimming. Goodger's determination with her workout sessions is definitely commendable. She has been very keen on sticking with her new year's resolution, and she has also made significant progress as seen on her Instagram posts.

The reality star posts regular photos of herself especially in tight workout outfits that allow her to flaunt her shapely figure for her fans to ogle at. She has been more confident about her self-image but that does not mean that she will not be having any more cosmetic surgery. Lauren clearly has her own views about boob jobs, and she does not mind going under the knife once more or even a couple of times.

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