With No Hired Nannies, Here’s A Glimpse Of Melania Trump’s Life As Mother To Barron

Eunice Alcala

Melania Trump, who's described by a local as "very sweet" and "very kind," has no nanny on staff and prefers to personally drop off and pick up Barron from school, but will the arrangement stay the same with President Donald Trump's current duties?

It was previously confirmed that Melania and Barron wouldn't immediately relocate to the White House to not disrupt the 10-year-old's schooling at the prestigious Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School. He is set to resume his academics on Jan. 25.

While it was Melania and her chauffeur who used to escort Barron to school, TMZ reports that the presidential son will now have additional company – the Secret Service and the New York Police Department.

The plan is to block off the streets in a "rolling pattern for just a few minutes to allow the first lady's convoy to move quickly" from the family's Trump Tower residence to Barron's Upper West Side school. The security team will regularly change the routes for Barron's safety.

A school board member previously told Vanity Fair that "some parents are freaking out and worked up about security and what the school is going to do." They are reportedly concerned that "some type of Mexican multicar street abduction" might ensue.

Melania is determined to let Barron complete the school year because she knows how nerve-wracking it could be to suddenly switch schools. She previously opened up to Us Weekly how she would like Barron to have a meaningful life.

"I tell him: Take it day by day, enjoy your life, live your meaningful life as I like to do. Of course, at that age, every child would worry, especially if they love school, if they love friends, they don't want to lose that. Everything is a new opportunity, and it brings new friends and a new school. You never know, you never know what happens. Enjoy it day by day, live your life and don't stress yourself."

While Barron is at school, Melania dedicates her time to her personal businesses, particularly her jewelry line. She again embraces "mom mode" when 3 o'clock hits and it's time for Barron to go home.

Barron is the White House's first presidential son in 54 years. However, it is disheartening how the lad is likewise the recent subject of uncalled-for insults online. Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich got suspended by the network for calling Barron the country's "first homeschooled shooter." Many found her comment deplorable that they even started a petition urging NBC to terminate her. She deleted her tweet and a few days later, apologized for her "inexcusable" conduct.

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Barron's half-siblings have yet to speak out. Chelsea Clinton recently called out trolls who loved to take aim at Barron. The former presidential daughter asked people to give him the opportunity to have a normal childhood. She is speaking from her own experience because when Chelsea was 13, talk show host and political commentator Rush Limbaugh described her as the "White House dog."

Monica Lewinsky, who was once connected to the Clinton family, also tweeted that "all children need to be protected from bullying and mockery." Now an anti-bullying advocate, Monica attached an article to her tweet about the inappropriateness of bullying a child for a life he did not choose.

"There is a longstanding public tradition of leaving children of presidents who are minors — under the age of 18 — out of the press. Children are rightfully given the benefit of privacy, even children of presidents," the article read.

After Donald's inauguration, Barron's name became a trending topic on Twitter because many believe that it is unjust for him to be ridiculed by the people who loathe his father.

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