‘Monster Hunter XX’ Sword ‘Urano Metria’ Designed By ‘Fairy Tail’ Creator Hiro Mashima Revealed: Mystical Weapon Available As Expansion DLC For Nintendo 3DS Game

Monster Hunter XX, an popular game for Nintendo 3DS, will soon get an awe-inspiring and freakishly long sword owing to the creative genius behind immensely popular Japanese manga Fairy Tail. Essentially, Fairy Tail series’ creator Hiro Mashima extended collaboration in Monster Hunter Generations.

Capcom had earlier revealed that Fairy Tail’s creator, Hiro Mashima, had designed a weapon for Monster Hunter XX. Mangaka Mashima has designed a long sword with a complex motif and equally complex sheath. The sword will be a part of Monster Hunter XX, an expansion pack for the original Nintendo 3DS game. The expansion pack is expected to be made available as a Downloadable Content or DLC. The publishers of the game have promised the DLC will be up for grabs March 18.

The weapon for the action Role Playing Game (RPG) Monster Hunter XX appears quite impressive. The wielder of the sword would have to bend or defy the laws of physics to actually use the sword in combat. However, the weapon might not be meant for ordinary or entry level character. While the creators haven’t confirmed who will wield the weapon or how one secures the same, the sword, called “Urano Metria”, certainly isn’t a conventional blade and the devastation it is expected to cause could be spectacular. Interestingly, Monster Hunter Generation characters appear to have an affinity to long swords.

'Monster Hunter XX' Sword 'Urano Metria' Designed By 'Fairy Tail' Creator Hiro Mashima Revealed: Mystical Weapon Available As Expansion DLC For Nintendo 3DS Game

The Urano Metria sports a very long blade that extends well beyond the height of any player in Monster Hunter XX. The blade sports a beautiful starry motif that seems to showcase the constellations. For reasons that might soon be revealed, the sword has an equally beautiful, but baffling scabbard that is shaped like a key. Moreover, the blade’s wrist protection is also designed like a keyhole. The sword is supposed to be luminescent as the night sky and is expected to shine when the stars glitter in the sky. In other words, quite a few instances when the sword will be drawn and used could happen under a starry sky or during nighttime.

Incidentally, the Urano Metria will be first debuting in the new game. The origin story for the beautiful sword is quite interesting as well. The Urano Metria sword is apparently named for Lucy Heartfilia’s spell of the same name. Lucy is a well-known character in Mashima’s Fairy Tail manga.The spell is also called “Ultimate Magic of the Stars.” The name appeared in the original Fairy Tail series. On the other hand, Urano Metria, is also supposed to be Mashima’s original weapon named after the star atlas, which was produced by Johan Bayer in 1603.

The DLC expansion pack for Monster Hunter X was announced at an event that was jointly hosted by Capcom and Nintendo. At the event dedicated to Monster Hunter, the developers announced the new expansion Monster Hunter XX. The creators also confirmed the game will have a “G Rank,” and the DLC will also have level-appropriate gear and difficulty. Apart from the weapons, the Monster Hunter XX will also have a new hub that is set on a village floating on balloons, reported VG247.

'Monster Hunter XX' Sword 'Urano Metria' Designed By 'Fairy Tail' Creator Hiro Mashima Revealed: Mystical Weapon Available As Expansion DLC For Nintendo 3DS Game

The creators of Monster Hunter XX also added that the game will not only have two new flagships, but will also introduce two monsters. Incidentally, players of the game are already familiar with these two monsters. In other words, these monsters aren’t new, but will be making a comeback. One of the elder dragons, called Lao Shan Lung, is one of the monsters that will be seen in Monster Hunter XX. The giant creature made its debut in the first Monster Hunter game, but has been markedly absent in the series for more than seven years. The powerful dragon has the ability to wreak havoc, and through the DLC, will get another chance to knock down monster hunters in an attempt to break the outer barriers that safeguard the city dwellers within.

Monster Hunter XX DLC expansion pack will also have a few new unexplored areas as well as new hunter styles for players to use. It is expected to cost 5,800 Yen. There is no official confirmation about a North American release, reported Comic Book.

[Featured Image by Capcom]