WWE Rumors: Samoa Joe And Finn Balor To Be The Last Two Standing At The ‘Royal Rumble,’ Who Will Win?

Samoa Joe and Finn Balor are two WWE superstars that are rumored to be surprise entrants for the upcoming Royal Rumble. But some reports are saying that both Samoa Joe and Finn Balor might just get the ultimate push from the WWE.

Starting with Finn Balor, Forbes has stated that the WWE superstar is one of the best choices to win the Royal Rumble. This is not exactly much of a stretch as the WWE was pretty high on Finn Balor before he was forced tin the sidelines for quite some time. Fans might remember Balor nabbing the Universal Championship at Summerslam but was forced to relinquish it after suffering a serious injury.

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Rumors are flying that Finn Balor will make a triumphant return at the Royal Rumble to resume his stalled career.

Next is Samoa Joe, while the WWE was not too keen on getting Samoa Joe at first. But basing on fan’s anticipation as well as reception, it is beginning to look like the WWE will be going for a monster push at the Royal Rumble. Cageside Seats have already tabbed him as one of the surprise entrants at the Royal Rumble and basing from how hot this rumor is fast becoming, there is a great chance that Samoa Joe will make his WWE debut at the Royal Rumble.

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Some sources are saying that Finn Balor will win the Royal Rumble. On the other hand, there are some who think that it will be Samoa Joe who will be conquering the 2017 Rumble. With all the high stakes involved, it is starting to look like the WWE will be going for a Samoa Joe and Finn Balor finale at the Royal Rumble.

It really does not make sense for the WWE to give Samoa Joe a Royal Rumble debut and have him eliminated right away. The only way that the WWE can give Samoa Joe a proper monster push is to have him go deep into the Royal Rumble and dominate. The same goes for Finn Balor, the WWE has been awaiting his return and will most likely want to mix him in right away with the current Universal Championship scene.

Having the two make a shocking impact at the Royal Rumble makes so much financial sense for the WWE. There are even rumors that either Samoa Joe or Finn Balor will eliminate the Undertaker at the Royal Rumble. If this is the case, then having them as the final two entrants at the Royal Rumble is the only logical conclusion for the individuals who took out the legendary Undertaker.

But the biggest question for fans is, who will win the Royal Rumble between Samoa Joe and Finn Balor?

There is some merit to having Samoa Joe win the Royal Rumble. First, it will fast track his eventual rise to the championship scene. There are not a lot of debuts that have a lot of anticipation and excitement as that of Samoa Joe’s, and the WWE could take advantage of this while it is still hot. Samoa Joe is not yet tied to any brand, and the company can have the option of shaking things up on Smackdown and have Joe battle his old TNA mate AJ Styles.

However, the most likely outcome of the Royal Rumble is the one where Finn Balor wins. Balor is already a proven superstar with WWE fans and will make a much better Rumble winner. Plus, Finn Balor makes the better story for Wrestlemania 33, Balor’s short-lived championship reign and long road to recovery will make his shocking return and Royal Rumble victory more explosive. The WWE has much less to lose by having Finn Balor win the prestigious Royal Rumble.

Samoa Joe will just be fine placing second in the Royal Rumble. A lot of Royal Rumble second placers are still revered by fans and normally go on to have successful careers. If Samoa Joe is indeed one of the last two guys in the Royal Rumble, then it is a certainty that the WWE has big plans for him.

The Royal Rumble is fast approaching and fans should stay tuned for more developments.

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