New York Man Arrested After Woman’s Body Parts Are Found In His Freezer

A man has been arrested after a woman’s head, hands and feet were found in his freezer.

Somorie Moses, a registered sex offender, was arrested 12:15 a.m. Sunday. According to the New York Post, investigators believe that the 40-year-old man is behind the murder and dismembering of an unidentified woman found at a Bronx waste transfer station. The chilling discovery was made five days ago after a worker operating a payloader came across a leg without a foot and a torso among the trash.

Detectives sieving through the garbage with sniffer dogs later discovered two arms without hands. Cops had examined surveillance footage, scrutinized cell phones records and identified Moses as a person of interest. When police visited his house in the early hours of Sunday, they found additional body parts of the female victim crammed in his freezer.

The woman is still yet to be identified. Additionally, the official cause of death is yet to be released by the Medical Examiner’ Office. Moses, a registered Level 2 sex offender, has since been charged with the concealment of a human corpse and for tampering with evidence.

The 40-year-old man was arraigned in a Supreme Court Sunday. Moses, who wore blue scrubs, maintained a blank stare all through court proceedings and said nothing. Judge Linda Poust Lopez instructed that he be held without bail after Bronx District Attorney Jennifer Gray stated that he was a flight risk after he tried to escape as he was brought into the court.

“He has every reason to flee at this time. The defendant attempted to flee outside a rear door. He knocked over a police officer trying to flee.”

In 2003, Moses was arrested for a non-fatal shooting. In 2006, he was convicted for prostituting a girl under 16 for sex. He spent more than three years in prison for his crime and was registered as a sex offender. The 40-year-old man has also been charged with possession of a weapon. Prosecutors are confident that Somorie Moses will be charged with more severe crimes once an autopsy has been concluded.

Residents of the suspected killer’s apartment block were shocked at the atrocities being leveled against their neighbor. Tyrone Hazell revealed that it was a disturbing development, adding that it could only be a monster capable of killing and chopping another human being into pieces and leaving some parts in a freezer.

Some residents confirmed that Somorie lived in the apartment building with another woman. Winston Rouse said the couple kept to themselves, and he never heard them fight or quarrel with each other. The 72-year-old man revealed that the policemen who came to arrest Moses Somorie resorted to strong arm tactics even when he did not struggle with them. He said he was still trying to process what his friendly neighbor was being charged of doing.

“They were trying to restrain him, trying to get the cuffs on him. There were more than six cops. He wasn’t resisting. He didn’t fight them. He didn’t say anything. The guys were just on top of him…I see him in the hall, say ‘How are you,’ that kind of thing.”

Yvone Roldan pointed out that the apartment complex was built by a nonprofit mental health and social service agency. According to the 39-year-old woman, the residence was a notorious place, which always received plenty of visits from the cops. Roldan opined that judging by the nature of the crime, the accused probably had mental problems and should have been receiving treatment.

“You hear a lot of screaming in this building. A lot of domestic violence. The cops are always here. This person should not have been placed to live here unsupervised.”

This is not the first time that a person’s body would be cut into pieces. A Pennsylvania mother was charged for dismembering her 14-year-old daughter after she claimed she was missing last summer. Sara Packer used to work as an adoption supervisor at a children’s welfare agency, according to the New York Daily News before she was fired.

Prosecutors made known that Packer’s 44-year-old boyfriend raped Grace Packer while her mother watched. The boyfriend, Jacob Sullivan, then strangled the girl. The couple tried to mask the odor from the 14-year-old’s decomposing body by dumping it in cat litter. However, they panicked, cut up the body and dumped it in the woods after a police visit relating to the missing girl. Grace’s legs, arms and torso were found in the woods by a trekker. Packer and Sullivan have been charged with criminal homicide, rape, kidnapping, and abuse of a corpse among other charges.

They did not enter any plea and were denied bail.

[Featured Image by NYCPD Sex Offender Unit]