Adriana Lima Criticized By Fans For Being 'Too Skinny' After Posting Abs Selfie

Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima is known for her striking eyes and killer body, but it seems some fans have had enough.

The 35-year-old Angel shared a selfie this week that has her followers calling her "too skinny." Lima posted the photo to Instagram while wearing yoga pants and a black bra with a caption that told people to basically check out her abs.


She also calls herself a "unicorn," which could mean a variety of things depending on who you ask. But she's probably referring to her looks and how she stands out as a model.

While Adriana is undeniably attractive— she is a very popular model after all— fans are not too happy about her latest selfie. One Instagram user even said her body looks "alien" as she seems to have lost all her curves.
"It looks too hard like there are aliens in it and her hips have no curve anymore. She's square hipped."
Another commenter agreed as they discussed Lima's proportions and stated she used to look "more feminine" before gaining muscle.
"yes, there's 0 waist to hip definition. Before all the muscles, some 5 years ago, she looked more feminine."
Yet still, Instagram users continued to state their opinions as they said Adriana looks like she's training for cage fighting.
"Too much, unless you want to start cage fighting. With boys."
Other fans came to her defense as they called her "beautiful" and "goals." One Instagram user said Lima doesn't need to rely on her figure in order to be feminine as she has other traits.

fans criticize adriana lima for posting abs selfie
[Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

"Y'all she doesn't need to have a hour glass figure to be feminine. She is beautiful and STRONG. That seems pretty feminine to me."
Lima's fans were also quick to call out the haters as they gave the model props for her strict routine.
"Some of these haters are hilarious. She is gorgeous and her body is incredible. Diet and training on point"
The Daily Mail weighed in on Lima's "sexy" Instagram post as the site said she looks amazing for having birthed two children.
"She is in amazing shape for a mother-of-two. And Adriana Lima proudly showed off her physique on Thursday night as she posed for a sultry selfie inside her walk-in closet."
For those not familiar with Lima, she is the mother to two young daughters, as stated by the Daily Mail.
"Adriana shares two daughters, Sienna, four, and Valentina, seven, with basketball player husband Marko Jarić."
A site called Wonderwall also reported on Adriana's seemingly controversial selfie as it called the model's toned abs "incredible" and "amazing."

fans criticize adriana lima for posting abs selfie
[Image by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images]

"She is a supermodel after all! Adriana Lima knows she's in great shape, and she isn't afraid to admit it. She's also not afraid to flaunt it!"
Of course, Lima didn't need a reason to show off her fit figure, which is something she seems to do quite often, according to the site.
"Earlier in the week, she also shared an image of her enviable stomach while sitting on the ground. Her abs looked defined in the selfie as she wore workout clothes."
On Monday, Lima also took to Instagram to share a photo while at the gym. She also posted a video of her doing some intense jump rope while at the gym, proving she works hard to maintain her abs. Lima also tagged unicorn power in the video as it seems to be her saying.

However, fans were a bit more receptive to the impressive video as they asked Lima for advice on how to get jump rope skills.

"Good work!"

"How do you do this? I can barely jump rope normally"

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