Bella Hadid Gets Mixed Reviews As She Stars In New Dior Makeup Commercial

Bella Hadid is keeping busy amid her breakup with The Weeknd as the young model stars in an interesting Dior commercial.

Bella shared the video to her Instagram page last week as she shows fans Dior’s newest foundation compact. The post received over four million views in just six days as fans watch the 20-year-old flaunt her stuff in the ad. Hadid is seen getting ready while riding in an elevator, proving the makeup is perfect for on-the-go.

She goes on about how the product catches the light, is perfect for touch ups at a party, and adds “the weekends should be effortless” as she showcases the foundation.

from day to night New @diormakeup baby #diorforever Perfect Cushion #Diormakeup @peterphilipsmakeup

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Of course, this little line did not escape notice of fans as one commented “The Weeknd should be effortless” as a play on her ex’s name. However, most fans either supported Bella’s latest partnership, or called it awkward.

“this is the most awkward thing I’ve ever seen”

“Is it just me or does she sound kinda awkward”

Yet still, other Instagram users criticized Bella’s ‘acting’ techniques in the short Dior commercial.

“She’s so bad at these”

Another Instagram user seemed to be annoyed that Dior and Bella are now doing commercials together as they left a comment followed by an irritated emoji face.

“Now they’re doing commercials”

fans react to Bella hadid in new Dior makeup commercial

While it seemed a few people found the video— which is admittedly not Bella’s forte— a bit forced and awkward, most of her followers seemed to enjoy seeing the model “slay” despite her current dramatic love life. Some even joked around about how gorgeous Bella is as they left comments of support.

“I SWEAR her face structure is more defined than my future”

Other Instagram users showered Hadid with compliments.

“she’s actually perfect”

“dior make up baby she’s slayin”

Not to be outdone by the negative commenters, Bella definitely received more praise than criticism for her performance. And, of course, her beauty.

“she’s so effortlessly beautiful”

Refinery29 reported on Bella’s latest venture with Dior as the site states she’s too busy “slaying” to worry about what her ex-boyfriend is up to with Selena Gomez.

“If it’s any indication, we’d be pressed to say she is doing just fine. And if the Weeknd is watching, well, even better.”

fans react to Bella hadid in new Dior makeup commercial

The site also brought up the fact Bella walked the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway in December as The Weeknd performed. Which basically means she looked amazing as she casually strolled by her ex.

“A couple months ago, Bella Hadid fulfilled our ultimate fantasy: running into our ex while looking damn good. The model sashayed her way past the Weeknd on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk like it was no thing.”

And now her Dior ads are once again putting her beauty on display as the world watches every move Hadid makes.

“And now, with recent news of him dating Selena Gomez and all the gross internet drama that came with it, she’s doing it again.”

Us magazine also reported on the week Bella has been having as she shared a light-hearted video for W magazine. Bella is seen leaving a shoot as she takes car ride home. She then orders a pizza, pops open a diet soda, and changes into something more comfortable before enjoying a slice.

Hadid then strips down to a black one piece swimsuit to hop in her bubble bath. Basically, fans get a glimpse into the life of Bella as they know and love her. If anything, the quirky video shows that despite her glitzy lifestyle of photoshoots and paparazzi, Bella knows how to chill out and be herself.

Fans can be sure Hadid is rebounding nicely with her career as she ignores the rumors of The Weeknd and Selena’s romance.

[Featured Image by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images]