‘Days Of Our Lives’: Shawn Christian Returns Again – What Does Daniel Jonas Have To Say To Nicole Walker On ‘DOOL’? [Spoilers]

Days Of Our Lives fans hear about Dr. Daniel Jonas often, even though the character died in a car accident just over one year ago. Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker) was engaged to be married to Daniel. When he was killed, it sent her whole world crashing down on her. Not too long ago, actor Shawn Christian returned to film a scene in which he appeared as a ghost or vision to Nicole. According to the latest reports, he will make another appearance.

DOOL spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what could happen on the NBC soap opera.

'Days Of Our Lives': Shawn Christian Returns Again - What Does Dr. Daniel Jonas Have To Say To Nicole Walker On 'DOOL'? [Spoilers]

During Nicole’s relationship with Deimos Kiriakis (Vincent Irizarry), she hesitated to tell him that she loved him. She also held back at moving forward because of her feelings for Daniel. Even though he died a year before, she still felt connected to him. She also felt like she would be betraying him in some way by moving on. However, while Nicole was sleeping one day, Dr. Jonas came to visit her.

While some Days Of Our Lives fans call it a ghost, it is most likely a vivid dream that Nicole was having. Daniel was the one person that Nicole could talk to about pretty much everything. He was the sound of reason in her crazy, chaotic world. Even something as simple as Daniel’s presence gave Nicole comfort. Due to these factors, it makes sense that when under a lot of stress that Nicole would “see” Daniel.

It is true that Daniel would want Nicole to live life to the fullest and be happy. This is one thing he explained to her. However, viewers are not sure if he would agree with Deimos and Nicole’s relationship. After the visit, Nicole took off Daniel’s engagement ring, told Deimos she loved him, and soon after, the two announced they would be getting married.

According to the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Shawn Christian is returning for another visit. It was not revealed what he will say to her, but it must have something to do with baby Holly. As fans know, Chloe was supposed to be a surrogate for Daniel and Nicole. The first IVF attempt failed. However, after his death, Chloe tried again and this time, it was a success. All of this time, Chloe has been keeping the mother of all secrets. This week, Nicole is finally going to find out that she is the biological mother of Holly.

However, it won’t exactly be a joyous occasion. Even though Nicole has always wanted to be a mother, she is currently being charged with attempted murder. She believes that she was preventing Deimos’ death. However, the man she stabbed didn’t have a weapon on him. Everyone, including Deimos, is having difficulty believing why Nicole thought the man was trying to kill Deimos.

In an interview, Eric Martsolf, the man who plays Brady Black on Days Of Our Lives, explained that Chloe has no intention of giving up Nicole’s baby. Not only is Nicole’s relationship with Deimos a problem, but Chloe doesn’t think Nicole is responsible enough to be a mother. Martsolf explained that the attempted murder charge makes Chloe think that Nicole is a criminal and a flight risk. He added that Chloe also believes that Nicole is unstable.

Last Thursday night, NBC released a preview clip for Days Of Our Lives. It teases that this week, Brady and Chloe will show up at the police station with baby Holly. It is then that Nicole finally finds out that she is Holly’s mother. However, Chloe refuses to hand the baby over and the narrator teases that the custody battle is going to get ugly. In one scene, Nicole shows up at Chloe’s hotel room and announces she is taking her child.

Days Of Our Lives spoilers also reveal that Chloe is prepared to fight for Holly. She ends up hiring Belle (Martha Madison) to represent her. That’s right, Brady’s own sister is going to help Chloe keep Holly away from Nicole.

What do you think is going to happen with Nicole on Days Of Our Lives? What will Daniel Jonas have to say when he appears on the soap opera? Does he have a message about baby Holly or is it regarding something else?

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