WWE News: Big Show In Amazing Shape Heading Into Shaquille O’Neal Match At WrestleMania

The Big Show has remained off TV for the past few months but has remained open about his upcoming WrestleMania match against Shaquille O’Neal. While many WrestleMania matches have been shuffled around, Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal has remained intact and both men seem excited about it. The WWE just reported that Big Show will make his big return at the Royal Rumble in the Rumble match itself.

WWE News: Big Show In Amazing Shape Heading Into Shaquille O'Neal Match At WrestleMania

This will give fans a chance to see a new and improved Big Show. Anyone who has followed his career knows that Big Show has ups and downs where he will get into great shape and then balloon up before losing the fat and getting in shape again.

For this year’s WrestleMania, Big Show is actually determined to put on a great show and has gotten in better shape than he has been in many years. He took to Instagram last week and posted a photo of his abs, which is now a well defined six pack. It will be interesting to see Big Show at The Royal Rumble in this kind of condition.


Forbes recently ranked the top WWE performers in Royal Rumble history and Big Show was ranked in seventh place. Big Show has been in 11 Royal Rumble matches, the third most of all-time, although he has never won the match itself despite his giant size. He has eliminated 26.5 opponents over that time and will surely add to that list this year.

While Big Show is no longer a main event superstar, he is fitting the role of the marquee giant to pull out for WrestleMania and this year he gets Shaquille O’Neal. Big Show also had a high profile match against Floyd Mayweather at WrestleMania XXIV.

WWE News: Big Show In Amazing Shape Heading Into Shaquille O'Neal Match At WrestleMania

The Big Show vs. Shaquille O’Neal match was set up last year and Big Show threw out the challenge at the ESPY’s in July. Shaquille asked if Big Show was sure he wanted that and Big Show said he was retiring soon and would love to “have some fun” with Shaq.

O’Neal told Shanghai Daily (via CBS Sports) that the match was officially on after that.

“We’ll have one heck of a match and we’ll see what’s up. We’ll give the fans a treat.”

Big Show has wrestled for 21 years now, starting out as The Giant in WCW and moving on to the WWE a few years later. In WCW, he won the world title twice and the tag team titles three times (one each with Lex Luger, Sting, and Scott Hall).

In the WWE, he is a four-time world champion and one-time ECW world champion. He also held the Intercontinental title once, hardcore title three times, U.S. title once, and the tag team title six times (twice each with Undertaker and Kane and once each with Chris Jericho and The Miz).


With a total of 21 titles between his WCW and WWE days, Big Show will surely be a first-ballot Hall of Fame star when he retires. For people who love behind-the-scenes information, Big Show is also one of the most generous stars, as he proved when he put over Floyd Mayweather. He just wants to put on a good show and will prove it again this year against Shaquille O’Neal at WrestleMania 33.

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