January 28, 2017
The Weeknd Writing Justin Bieber Diss Track Amid Selena Gomez Rumors: Feud Erupts?

Is The Weeknd planning to write a diss track aimed at Justin Bieber?

It was rumored that the R&B singer, real name Abel Tesfaye, was somewhat shocked to hear about the comments Bieber had made about him, describing The Weeknd's music as "whack" when confronted by photographers about his music.

Abel reportedly took it as somewhat of a dig, well aware that Justin supposedly still has feelings for Selena Gomez, the woman who is now famously linked to the "Starboy" hitmaker.

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Selena and The Weeknd have allegedly been seeing one another for more than two months, as revealed by Life & Style, but when the news first broke earlier this month, Justin was quick to describe the relationship as a publicity stunt to boost his ex-girlfriend's career.

The constant digs made by Justin seemed to give news outlets the impression that The Weeknd was gearing up to write a diss track of his own, but according to Hollywood Life, that couldn't be further from the truth, stressing that Abel has no plans to retaliate.

From what their sources have gathered, The Weeknd certainly isn't impressed by Justin's snarky comments toward the singer's relationship with Selena Gomez — it almost seems as if the Biebs is jealous about the romance, the insider added.

While The Weeknd isn't taking Bieber's comments personal, he's not a fan of being bashed by his musical peers — especially when the digs and shady remarks are made because of the fact that he's seeing Selena Gomez.

"[The Weeknd's] boys keep telling him to do a diss track of sorts on Justin Bieber but he's cool on it," a source reveals. "Let's face it, Justin is a walking diss track all on his own. He does an excellent job of making an a** out himself every time he opens his mouth or steps outside his house, he doesn't need any help in that department."

As mentioned by the source, there doesn't seem to be much of a reason as to why The Weeknd should slam Justin; the singer has proven himself to be rather childish and has the tendency to look like a fool all by himself, without the need of someone doing a diss track about him.

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With that said, The Weeknd isn't going to entertain the drama with Bieber. In fact, he is so unbothered by Justin's remarks, he has already made plans to take Selena Gomez on tour with him in March.

Abel, who will be kicking off his world tour in just four weeks time, reportedly wants his girlfriend to join him, stressing that his decision to have her follow him around the world is his way of letting his circle of friends know that this relationship is the real deal.

Insiders reveal that Selena and The Weeknd are head over heels in love with one another, with no intentions of ever been apart from one another longer than two weeks. Going on tour with the "Can't Feel My Face" superstar will be the ultimate test for the couple, which will determine whether or not they are really made to be together.

They'll be inseparable, and while friends have argued whether that's a good thing during the time that their pal will be on tour, The Weeknd is determined to have his girlfriend by his side for support.

Having Selena in attendance at all of the shows will presumably give Justin Bieber another reason to throw yet another dig at Abel, and judging by the reaction from fans on social media, they are looking at it as The Weeknd's own way of getting back at the Biebs.

Having the woman that Justin allegedly still has feelings for touring the world with The Weeknd is the ultimate revenge, it seems.

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