Search Of ‘A**Hole’ On Twitter Connects With Donald Trump’s ‘@real’ Account

Donald Trump is known for his firebrand rhetoric and use of inflammatory language at times. However, on Monday, if you searched a particular string of profane words, Donald Trump’s Twitter account would return as the search result, this according to Fox News.

Donald Trump is at the center of an algorithm glitch or possible elaborate hacking, possibly due to search methodology not necessarily tied to his social media account. A source learned that if you typed the search term “a–hole” in the singular or plural on the micro-search site’s search box, President Trump’s personal account and profile @realDonaldTrump surfaces, “under the ‘People’ category.”

Mashable did some research of its own and contacted Don Amaro, a resident of Portugal who works as a social media editor and manager. Amaro said he made the discovery about Donald Trump’s Twitter profile when he was searching for an unrelated tweet from the previous year, which read, “a*holes not welcome to our island.”

Amaro believes Twitter’s search is not based on a particular keyword or key phrase tied to a person or entity’s profile. Rather, results like the one connected to Donald Trump’s verified account is based on what’s contained in a tweet. As a consequence, he believes people can exploit the system.

“Maybe now Trump will stop tweeting after he sees this? Or even worse… he’ll buy Twitter!!??”

On the same day, the hashtag, #MuteMonday, began trending on Twitter. Apparently, it referred to people sanctioning Donald Trump in one or more ways: muting or unfollowing @POTUS. In turn, those playing along would follow liberal Democrats like Senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris — two rumored future presidential candidates against a Donald Trump second term.

Friday marked Donald Trump’s inauguration where he was sworn in as the nation’s 45th President of the United States. As per Secret Service and White House protocols, Trump gained control of the @POTUS account originally used by former President Barack Obama whose official tweets were migrated to @POTUS44.

During the changeover, a glitch on Twitter inadvertently led to over 500,000 people following Donald Trump. The president also uses his personal account. Both accounts have over 40 million followers, combined.

On Monday, Donald Trump got into full swing in the Oval Office. Cameras were present to observe the Republican commander in chief sign a number of executive orders, one to include the reinstatement of his idol’s anti-abortion order, as Huffington Post wrote.

President Donald Trump, with the stroke of a pen, reinstated the controversial “global gag rule regarding abortion. Trump, who campaign as a pro-life candidate, pledged to reform abortion or work hard at outlawing it altogether. The GGR, a Mexico City policy, went into effect and prohibited U.S. family planning agencies that accept government subsidies from promoting abortion services.

Over the last two decades, two Democratic presidents outlawed the initiative and two Republicans reinstated the order.

Donald Trump’s executive order is symbolic in that he put it back into effect a day after the 1973 landmark case, Roe v. Wade, celebrated its 44th anniversary. What is more, Trump reactivated the anti-abortion order two days after the Women’s March on Washington, an organized protest of the president’s perceived controversial policies against women. made light of the Donald Trump Twitter glitch, based on the eagle-eyed user’s discovery.

“So, basically, President Trump tops the Twitter search for a**hole because so many people use that word in tweets about him.”

As of this writing, a search of the aforementioned profane terms returned the stated results reported by Fox. Reportedly, Twitter was contacted for comment, but there has not been an official statement from the company at this time.

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