Tiffany Trump Sports Aquazzura Shoes On Instagram As Same Designer Sues Ivanka For Fashion Plagiarism

Ivanka and Tiffany Trump frequently spoke of their close relationship during their father’s ascent to the White House, but it appears that the loyalty doesn’t extend to the younger Trump daughter’s footwear choices. Tiffany recently shared a shot on Instagram clad in Aquazzura shoes — an Italian brand currently at odds with her elder sister.


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Aquazzura founder Edgardo Osorio has filed multiple lawsuits against Ivanka, claiming that Trump’s so-called favorite child has copied several pairs of the company’s shoes. The first such accusation appeared in the press in early June, just a month before Tiffany would join the rest of her family on stage at the Republican National Convention.

The Fashion Law, a blog that specializes in legal disputes in the world of runways and handbags, created a side-by-side comparison of the first shoes to be called into question: Ivanka Trump’s Hettie shoes vs. Aquazzura’s popular Wild Thing shoes. The lawsuit hinges on the idea of “trade dress,” or when a product’s overall design and likeness is imitated by another product. It’s something the Italian shoemaker believes has taken place on multiple occasions with cheaper versions of his shoes in the first daughter’s own collection.

“The overall appearance and particular combination of elements of the Wild Thing Shoe make it distinctive, those individual elements consisting of the overall shape of the shoe, including the angle and slope of the sole of the shoe, the stiletto heel combined with an open toe, the distinctive fringed vamp (the band covering the toe) and the ankle-wrap closure made of tasseled string.”

In recompense, Osorio is asking, first and foremost, for injunctive relief, meaning the offending company must stop producing and selling the shoes immediately. He has also asked to have attorney fees reimbursed and the publication of the profits the company has racked up from the shoes in question.

Ivanka and her licensee, Marc Fisher, were incredulous to these claims, maintaining that any similarities between Trump’s shoes and Aquazzura were purely coincidental and reflective of predominant trends in fashion — not outright copyright infringement.

“This is a baseless lawsuit aimed at generating publicity. The shoe in question is representative of a trending fashion style, is not subject to intellectual property law protection and there are similar styles made by several major brands.”

Since the initial claim, Aquazzura has accused Tiffany Trump’s sibling of copying several other editions of the brand’s shoes. Osorio took to social media to post side-by-side comparisons of several other styles sold under the Ivanka brand that he feels look eerily familiar to his own work.

Ivanka Trump’s shoes and Tiffany Trump’s Instagram are perhaps the sister’s best-known endeavors outside of being two of the most controversial first daughters in U.S. history. A February 2017 Vanity Fair profile details the relationship between the pair, with a close friend of Tiffany’s telling the author that Ivanka gives her tips on how to be famous: crossing your legs when sitting down, what colors will flatter her on television, and keeping your social media on-brand.

The article also dug out the sole sisterly anecdote shared in Ivanka’s memoir The Trump Card, in which Tiffany asks the elder Trump daughter for advice on securing a “parental credit card.”

“The 15-year-old Tiffany wanted to talk to Ivanka, 12 years her senior, about how to approach their father about something sensitive. Tiffany had some ‘relatively simple money needs’ to address, Ivanka recalled. She did not have access to a parental credit card, though many of her friends did. Ivanka noted that Tiffany’s request came ‘not because she was spoiled’ but because she was a teenager just trying to fit in with her peers at school. Tiffany’s trepidation made Ivanka proud, she said, of the values that her father had instilled about money in ‘all of his children.’”

Despite the sparse number of mentions in her memoir, Ivanka has frequently commented on how much she “really loves” “my little sister” Tiffany, remarking to People that the pair have been close their entire lives.

Do you think Tiffany Trump committed an Instagram faux pas by wearing Aquazzura while it’s in a legal dispute with Ivanka Trump’s shoes?

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