Hillary Clinton Plots Comeback: Starts Forensic Probe Over Epic Loss [Opinion]

Hillary Clinton is often painted as a woman still nursing the wounds of her election loss, but new reports paint a different portrait. It seems that Hillary is attempting to trace the events that reduced her to a spectator at last week’s inauguration, where she got to watch Donald Trump live her dream. It is said that Hillary is studying her past presentations to spot the error of her ways. It is no secret that Hillary believed she had the election in the bag, probably all the way up to the point she canceled her million dollar fireworks display.

It is also no secret that Hillary was shocked that Donald Trump pulled the rug out from under her. Despite how Hillary sees this event, it looks like that rug might have always belonged to Donald Trump and it was probably never hers to begin with.

According to a new report from Politco, Hillary is already attempting to map out her next political move. It only stands to reason that before she can do this she has to understand what brought about her devastating presidential loss. The last thing Hillary wants to do is see history repeat itself on another election day.

This forensic examination of her run for president is considered an important piece for not only Hillary but for all the entities that pulled together to get her on the campaign trail. To find that one spot in the road where Hillary turned left instead of right will also be helpful to the Democratic party and the investors in her campaign. Hillary Clinton’s friend spoke to Politico, but this person didn’t want their name revealed. The friend suggests that “People want to know that their investment was treated with respect, but that their mistakes wouldn’t be repeated.”

Hillary is not attempting a comeback all alone, Bill Clinton has taken an active part this probe. He is attempting to trace back where it was that her campaign took that wrong turn. He has been going over “precinct-level results” as a part of this probe. It appears FBI Director James Comey is still in the Clinton’s scope, as Bill has reportedly met with “long-time friends to rail against” what he sees as Comey’s “late campaign intervention.”

Russia’s possible involvement is also another area Bill is said to be looking into. The force wasn’t with her, but Hillary is determined to find that force that was behind her shocking loss in November. Bill Clinton’s first White House chief, Mack McLarty, who is also a long-time friend of the former President Clinton, said that the Clintons have resilience in their DNA and they will return to the political scene.

While Hillary is probing her epic loss, she might want to pay attention to the message her supporters are inadvertently passing along in the media. According to Market Watch, Former DNC Chairman Ed Rendell sees Hillary rising again. He said, “I’m certain Trump will screw up enough that by the fall of ’18, Hillary’s numbers will be way up again.” Rendell more than likely meant this as a good thing for Hillary, but it sounds like he is saying that Hillary will rise again by default.

It sounds like Rendell, who is in tune with the Democratic Party, sees Hillary looking good only if Trump fails if you analyze that statement. Wouldn’t you want a candidate that is going to look good on her own, no matter who is falling down around her. Hillary shouldn’t have to depend on Trump failing to get her numbers “way up again.” This might be a good starting point for her forensic probe into her campaign loss. It might help her greatly if she can find out why she is considered more of a consolation prize, rather than a definite winner.

What can Hillary learn from going over hours and hours of her campaign speeches? Probably that she should have been more progressive and moved around the country more asking for the votes instead of taking for granted that they would be there. Her opponent was relentless in his travels doing back-to-back rallies trying to earn the votes. Did Hillary believe she had the presidency all wrapped up because she was a Clinton and more importantly, a woman?

As far as making herself available to the press, that wasn’t one of her strong points. She was seen by many people as unapproachable, which was just the opposite of Trump. Her opponent worked hard at making sure that he was seen as someone very approachable.

It wasn’t the FBI Director’s report that played a part in her loss as much as it was her approach to the situation. One minute she is promising to be honest and transparent and the next minute she is lambasting the FBI Director for revealing the report. This basically threw the honest and transparent part of her campaign out the window. This left the impression that she wants honesty, but only when it doesn’t shine a light of suspicion on her.

[Featured Image by Pat Benic/AP Images]