New Donald Trump Daily Approval Rating Tracker: See His Dismal Favorable Average Rating As Of Right Now

President Donald Trump entered office with his inauguration on January 20 while holding the lowest approval ratings of any incoming president on record. Will he somehow be able to repair his historic unpopularity and win the hearts of the American people? Now, a new online tool allows Trump-watchers to track the president’s latest favorable and unfavorable ratings on a daily basis — based on a “weighted” average of all polls that chart Trump’s popularity among Americans.

The new site is produced by the Huffington Post service, which also compiled daily polling averages during the 2016 presidential campaign. As of January 20, the date when the most recent polls asking Americans whether they had a favorable or unfavorable view of Trump were released, the new president averaged an unfavorable rating of 50.8 percent, while only 41.6 percent said that they felt favorably toward Trump — meaning that a majority of Americans dislike the new president.

The Trump favorable rating tracker may be accessed by clicking this link.

By contrast to Trump’s overall unpopularity, the outgoing president, Barack Obama, left office as one of the most popular presidents of the past seven decades.

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According to the average, also as of January 20, 56.3 percent of American adults said that they held a favorable view of Obama, while his unfavorable rating stood at modest 39.6 percent — numbers that nearly constitute a mirror image of Trump’s dire approval rating.

On the other hand, in the overall polling average compiled by the new online tracker, which debuted on Monday, January 23, Trump has gained some ground with the American public since the day of the election. On November 7, one day before he won the presidency by defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College despite losing to Clinton in the overall popular vote by a decisive merging of nearly 2.9 million votes, Trump’s unfavorable rating stood at a whopping 57.2 percent, with only 39.4 percent holding positive view of Trump.

Among individual Trump approval rating polls, numbers show a wide variation, which is why the polling average may provide a more accurate picture than any single poll.

Of the 46 polls measuring Trump’s favorable and unfavorable ratings among the American public taken since the November 8 election, only six show Trump with a higher favorable than an unfavorable rating, and of those only four show Trump with a favorable rating exceeding 50 percent.

Only the Rasmussen poll has consistently shown Trump with favorable ratings over 50 percent. The latest Rasmussen poll places Trump at 52 percent favorable versus 48 percent unfavorable. The poll was taken on January 17 and 18.

An Ipsos/Reuters poll from January 13 to 17 showed a 50-50 split in Trump’s favorable-unfavorable rating, while a Politico/Morning Consult poll taken on January 3 and January 4 showed Trump with a net favorable rating of +2 but still below 50 percent with 48 percent favorable and 46 unfavorable.

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On the other hand, several polls show Trump with a favorable rating below 40 percent, which is a stunning unpopularity for a newly elected president. A CBS News poll taken from January 13 to 16 placed Trump at a disastrous 32 percent favorable rating. Monmouth University’s poll taken between January 12 and 15 showed Trump flailing at 34 percent favorable.

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll from January 12 to January 15 gave Trump a 38 percent favorable rating.

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On January 17, the polling analysis site looked at five of the most reliable polls that measured Trump’s approval rating and found the incoming president with a dismal favorable rating of just 41 percent.

Real Clear Politics, another site that compiles polling averages — based on all polls — showed Trump with a 41.8 percent favorable rating as of January 18.

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