Red Velvet’s Wendy At Risk Of Developing Eating Disorder? Interview Clips Reveal Her Concerning Attitude Toward Food

Red Velvet’s Wendy has lost a lot of weight. It’s something that she spoke about in a recent appearance on tvN’s variety show Raid the Convenience Store.

But as All Kpop reports, Wendy’s comments about her eating habits were a bit concerning.

During the interview, Wendy admitted that she is always on a diet and sometimes liked to watch her fellow group members eat. When the other group members who were there — Yeri, Irene, and Joy — heard her say that, they laughed.

“I thought she was just being nice to us by offering food to us, was it for satisfaction?… We’re going to get fat if we eat too,” one of them said.

She also said that eating too much made her nervous.

“I used to be fat. But I lost a lot of weight now,” she said. “If I eat a certain amount, I get anxious.”

It looks like her attitude toward food was even more apparent during another episode where she had to actually had to eat stuff onscreen.

According to an article on Koreaboo, Wendy, who is one of the hosts of of Raid the Convenience Store, ate a lot less than her fellow hosts during a segment on a recent episode.

When someone mentioned how little she was eating, she just said that that’s what she was accustomed to doing.

When Kangta, one of the directors at her agency, SM Entertainment, told her it was okay for her to eat a little more, she did so. You can see the entire exchange in the video below at around the 35-second point.


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As Koreaboo also notes, this isn’t the first time that she’s hesitated to eat food while on screen. Once, during a 2015 episode of Daily Taeng9cam with Taeyeon from Girls Generation, Wendy and fellow Red Velvet member Seugli were hanging out eating ice-cream.

However, Wendy seemed uncomfortable eating ice-cream in front of her manager.

At around minute 1:39, Wendy says, “Our manager is watching us,” and slows down her eating.

Taeyeon, who is Red Velvet’s senior at SM Entertainment, sticks up for them and calls out the manager for hovering around them and making the girls uncomfortable.

“They can’t breathe because of you,” Taeyeon says in the manager’s direction. “Eating what they want for one day shouldn’t be a problem.”

Taeyeon then opens up about her own issues with weight.

“I actually gained a lot of weight when I was your age,” she says to the girls of Red Velvet. “When I first debuted, I was very skinny but with irregular schedules and spending a lot of time in cars, I couldn’t work out properly and put on weight in my arms too.”

She also left the girls with some good advice.

“What I want to say to you is that you shouldn’t be so stressed,” she tells them in a heartwarming moment that seems to really leave an impression on Wendy.

What do you think about Wendy’s comments about food? Do you think they are concerning? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]