‘The Challenge: Battle Of The Seasons’ Episode 2307: ‘I Do Not Like Sam I Am’ Recap

The Challenge: Battle Of The Seasons Episode 2307, “I Do Not Like Sam I Am,” showed our teams which members they can rely on and which could seriously hold them back if they make it to the Final Challenge. Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead.

Last week Knight and Jemmye managed to win the Insane Games despite only being a team of two. As the Power Team, they sent Las Vegas in to fight against St. Thomas in the Arena.

Despite being plagued by infighting, Vegas has been a team to contend with this season, and they sent St. Thomas home. This means we now have two teams of two members, New Orleans and St. Thomas.

Team Brooklyn tries to play nice and get more people on their side by hosting their own version of the Insane Games. They have been seriously hampered this season by refusing to choose an alliance, effectively making them everyone’s enemy.

Ashley and CJ, no stranger to Real World show-mances, have entered into a flirtation. But CJ may think more is going on than Ashley does.

This week’s challenge is called “Logged Out.” The contestants will have to climb to the top of a mountain. There are three checkpoints along the trail each team will have to hit. Starting with the answer key, they will then make their way up to get their puzzle pieces. Then they have to carry their pieces up to the top to solve the puzzle.

The Challenge Battle of Seasons 2307 "I Do Not Like Sam I Am" Logged In

The catch? The pieces are heavy logs, and, if they get the puzzle wrong, they will have to go all the way down to the bottom to look at the key again. Not only that, but each person can only carry one log at a time — putting the teams of two at an incredible disadvantage.

Each team has their own strategy to try to remember the order of the puzzle. This could be the mission that Brooklyn pulls in a win since Sarah is the resident puzzle master. But her work could all be for nothing since teammate Devyn is seriously out of shape.

San Diego’s Sam is also putting her team at a disadvantage. She is in much worse shape than the rest of her team, who visit the gym regularly. She stops frequently along the trail, inciting the wrath of her male teammates, and they resort to some pretty brutal motivational tactics.

Thanks to having Sarah on their team, it is no surprise that Brooklyn takes the win and becomes this week’s Power Team. It comes down to the two member teams, St. Thomas and New Orleans, in a battle for last place.

The Challenge Battle of Seasons 2307 "I Do Not Like Sam I Am" Logged In

Even though Marie was so spent she started puking, St. Thomas manages to eke out 5th place. This puts New Orleans in the bottom this week. Now it is up to Brooklyn to choose who will face them in the Arena. They make the tactical decision to send San Diego in and choose a Mental game for the challenge.

CJ decides to pick flowers and write a letter for Ashley to show his support for her possibly going into the Arena. Unfortunately Marie, Jemmye, Knight, and Robb discover the note and share a laugh reading it aloud to each other. They decide to pretend to be Ashley and write a response letter to CJ.

But Ashley’s got bigger things to worry about than CJ’s crush on her. Her team is falling apart arguing over which of them will go into the Arena to face New Orleans. Their bickering prevents them from being able to decide, so Brooklyn gets to choose, and they pick Zack and Sam to go in.

The Challenge Battle of Seasons 2307 "I Do Not Like Sam I Am"

Communication is key in the Mental challenge, and the two displayed an inability to do that earlier. Despite being completely broken down during the day, Sam pulls it together and takes on the leadership role. She encourages Zack to pull it together, and they pull ahead and send New Orleans home.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons “I Do Not Like Sam I Am”? Can San Diego get it together and become a solid team again? Will Frank ever get taught a lesson and stop acting like such a jerk?

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