‘Sister Wives’ Rumors: Supreme Court Rejects Appeal Over Bigamy Laws, What Does That Mean For The Browns?

The latest Sister Wives rumors suggest that things may be a lot more rocky, from a legal perspective, for the Brown family going forward, as the Supreme Court has just rejected an appeal over bigamy laws.

According to the latest Sister Wives rumors from The New York Daily News, Kody Brown — who was listed as one of the petitioners on the action submitted to the Supreme Court that requests the judicial branch reconsider their stance against polygamy in Utah — saw his request outright rejected from the courts.

Originally, Kody sued the state of Utah after the state began investigating his living conditions — which only came to their attention after he and his four “wives” began starring on the hit TLC show.

While Kody is only legally married to one wife — Robyn, who is in the process of filing for divorce — he still considers himself “spiritually married” to the other three women in question.

Through his attorney, Jonathan Turley Esq., Kody Brown claimed that denying him the right to live in a polygamous marriage was a violation of his religious freedom.

“Utah is a state that was founded by courageous citizens seeking these very protections from government abuse and religious inequality. This lawsuit is true to the original dream of those seeking freedom in Utah.”

But according to the latest Sister Wives rumors from Town Hall, the Supreme Court rejected their claim outright, citing that the family can’t sue under the Utah law because they weren’t charged with any crime under it.

Even though Utah law strictly forbids people from living with more than one “spouse” — making it, ironically, home of the toughest anti-bigamy laws in the nation — the Brown family wasn’t initially charged with any crime under that strict anti-polygamy law, even though they were in flagrant violation of the law every time the show aired.

And the fact that their claims were outright denied by the Supreme Court, Jonathan Turley Esq. claims that neither he, nor his client, will stop fighting for the right to live polygamously, and without fear of prosecution under the law.

Moreover, Turley made clear that his clients were “shocked, but not surprised” at the Supreme Court’s decision to outright reject their claims, and that they wouldn’t stop fighting for their rights to continue to live polygamously.

However, according to the latest Sister Wives rumors from The Salt Lake Tribune, this action on the Supreme Court’s part means that, legally, polygamy is still a prosecutable crime in the United States, and — if the state of Utah so chose to do so — someone like Kody Brown could be arrested for living polygamously.

This means, then, that the law against polygamy can’t be challenged unless Kody Brown (or someone else) actually gets arrested, and prosecuted, for the crime.

“Ken Driggs, an Atlanta criminal defense attorney and legal historian who has written about fundamentalist Mormonism, said consenting adults who practice polygamy will need to actually be prosecuted, and show harm from that prosecution, before they can challenge the law in federal court. However, Driggs said, it’s unlikely any prosecutor will file charges against polygamists like the Browns for fear of a legal challenge.”

Sounds like a bit of a double-edged sword, and it will be interesting to see what happens to the Brown family in the future.

What do you think of these latest Sister Wives rumors? Do you think that the Brown family will face prosecution for being a polygamous family?

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