WWE News: Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns Happening at ‘FastLane,’ Winner To Face Bill Goldberg at ‘Wrestlemania 33’

WWE officials may have found the perfect match to ensure the WWE Universe cares about WWE FastLane as much as the WWE Royal Rumble or Wrestlemania this year. Heading into the former this weekend, the WWE Universe is speculating about who will walk out of San Antonio as the winner of the “Royal Rumble” match and if Roman Reigns will become the WWE Universal Champion at the WWE Royal Rumble PPV.

Regardless of what happens during Sunday’s PPV, the WWE Universe typically turns their respective heads to Wrestlemania and overlook the WWE FastLane event. WWE officials want to ensure the fans care about the PPV this year, so they’ve already confirmed that Goldberg will be wrestling at WWE FastLane against an opponent who is not Brock Lesnar. However, they may be planning something else important for the PPV.

The powers that be are looking to keep Goldberg and Lesnar away from each other during the event because they want Goldberg to stand on his own without The Beast Incarnate as his foil. It’s been rumored that he may be facing The Big Show at the PPV, and Brock Lesnar would be kept off WWE FastLane card entirely. It’s now being reported that there could be much bigger plans for Lesnar heading into WWE FastLane.

Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns Never Settled the Score at Wrestlemania 31

According to a report, WWE officials could be planning for Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns to face off for the WWE Universal Championship at WWE FastLane or Wrestlemania 33. The latter doesn’t seem as likely because Goldberg would be excluded from the only two opponents he’s likely to face in Orlando. However, Lesnar vs. Reigns at WWE FastLane would give WWE options for a bit longer heading into Wrestlemania.

It’s been rumored that Goldberg vs. Reigns at Wrestlemania could happen. For that match to come to fruition, Goldberg would have to win the “Royal Rumble” match on Sunday, which he is now rumored to do. However, the feud between Goldberg and Lesnar needs to final match, so Reigns may only win the WWE Universal title so he can then lose it to Brock Lesnar at WWE FastLane because Kevin Owens is a heel.

After that, Goldberg vs. Lesnar would be for the WWE Universal title as well. However, WWE officials could book the end of their rivalry at the WWE Royal Rumble and move forward with Goldberg vs. Reigns. It has been reported that WWE may just combine all three men to have Goldberg vs. Lesnar vs. Reigns in a Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania 33, which may actually happen if WWE is going to balance all these plans.

Goldberg Will Face the Winner of Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns

The WWE Universal title picture will be much clearer after the WWE Royal Rumble on Sunday, but Lesnar vs. Reigns could very well be the plan for WWE FastLane. If that is the case, it’ll allow WWE another month and a half to decide what their final plans are for Wrestlemania. Roman Reigns’ creative plans for the event continue to change, but WWE can book Goldberg vs. Lesnar without him if something else fits the card better.

Vince McMahon’s top priority this year is to improve Roman Reigns’ dynamic with the WWE Universe, so a big match with Goldberg, Lesnar or even both could do wonders to help with that. He may be able to keep the WWE Universal Championship through Wrestlemania 33 if WWE books him properly. Goldberg could walk out of Orlando the champion as well, especially since his deal with the company has been extended.

The WWE Royal Rumble will be the key to understanding where the WWE Universal title picture is headed going into Wrestlemania season. We’ll know if Roman Reigns is Raw’s World Champion, where WWE has left the Goldberg vs. Lesnar rivalry, and who won the 2017 “Royal Rumble.” As of this writing, if Goldberg wins the “Royal Rumble,” then Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns is really likely for the WWE FastLane PPV.

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