Tomi Lahren Says Anti-Trump Protesters Wanted To ‘Beat Her A**’ [Video]

Conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren apparently had somewhat of a rough time while attending the Donald Trump presidential inauguration festivities in Washington, D.C., this weekend.

The Blaze host told a TMZ videographer that she was physically threatened by anti-Trump protesters. See clip embedded below. She also “shared why she thought Donald Trump supporters may have stayed away,” Gateway Pundit observed.

Emotions apparently are still running high more than two months after Donald Trump’s victory in election 2016, an outcome that most media organizations and political pollsters and pundits insisted never would happen.

Although most of the demonstrations on Inauguration Day were peaceful, cops arrested about 200 anarchists/protesters on charges of rioting for vandalizing storefronts, tossing bricks at officers, and other violent acts, according to the Washington Times.

Pres Trump takes oath of office on 1/20/17

Conservative journalists Cassandra Fairbanks and Lauren Southern were reportedly assaulted at the inauguration by protesters, and demonstrators threw eggs and batteries as attendees entering the pre-inauguration “Deploraball,” as the Inquisitr previously reported.

When asked by TMZ about the inauguration scenario and also if she had any personal issues while in D.C. for the inauguration, Tomi Lahren, 24, responded that the environment was not “hospitable” for Trump fans.

“I saw so many Trump supporters that were afraid to say they were going to the inauguration because the ‘loving left,’ which is actually the unloving and intolerant left, were attacking Trump supporters…I was walking to the ball last night, just an individual recognized, had folks with the black power symbol on the back of their hoodies, track me down, try to pound on my cab door, jump on the hood of my cab, and try to bust the windshield out because they recognized who I was….the loving, intolerant left, the ‘peaceful’ protesters that told me they were vowing to beat my a**…luckily I [got away safely], but you can’t walk in this city right now.”

“She says the viciousness in the air is why the Trump crowd was smaller than other inaugurations,” TMZ added about Lahren, who has a huge social media following.

Tomi Lahren also declared in the Saturday night video that D.C. is currently full of far-left activists seeking to intimate Trump supporters.

“It’s disgusting,” she concluded.

As far as the women’s march on Saturday, Lahren was dubious about the whole thing because Donald Trump is still president of the U.S. while noting that most of the anti-Trumpers that she encountered were “militant, aggressive, and abrasive.”

The former One America News Network host may be looking for a new platform when her contract with Glenn Beck’s The Blaze runs out later this year. A Dallas Morning News profile of Lahren published last October suggests that she’s not a big fan of the Dallas area.

“She wants to be in a city that’s more of a media hub, like New York.”

In the article, Lahren insisted that she would only work for a news organization that would give her free rein to express her views and that she is “too controversial” for Fox News (although she appeared on FNC’s Watters’ World with Jesse Watters on Saturday evening) and would prefer to start “her own media empire.”

Tomi Lahren says she was threatened by anti-Trump protesters

Lahren, a South Dakota native, essentially became an overnight sensation in July 2015 when a video of her calling out President Obama for lack of leadership in fighting terrorism following the Chattanooga murder by a gunman of four U.S. Marines and one U.S. Navy sailor went viral. According to multiple media accounts, the gunman was a devout Muslim.

In a Facebook post hours before the inauguration, Tomi Lahren encouraged Trump supporters to take the high road and stay positive, if/when confronted by demonstrators, claiming, “The country and the world will hold us to a different standard than the opposition, the protesters, marchers, Hard Left and violent dissent.”

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