Jeremy Calvert And Brooke Wehr Reconcile, 'Teen Mom 2' Couple Back Together After Split

Jeremy Calvert is an on-again-off-again kind of guy. One minute he's quit Teen Mom 2, the next he is filming with his daughter Adalynn and girlfriend, Brooke Wehr. What he has been consistent about is calling out Teen Mom 2 for their poor editing job. Calvert has blasted the editing several times since splitting from Leah Messer in 2015.

After the most recent episode of Teen Mom 2, Jeremy Calvert complained about something that had to do with his current relationship. The editors reportedly altered a few scenes to have it appear that he was telling Leah Messer that his engagement to Brooke Wehr was not a big deal when Calvert claims he was talking to the cameras and saying that telling his ex-wife about the engagement was not a big deal. Several other Teen Mom franchise stars have also complained about editing. Teen Mom OG stars Taylor McKinney and Tyler Baltierra blasted the show last season over edits.

There was talk that Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr had split recently. The rumors began when they each posted similar thoughts to Instagram using memes, but not actually commenting on what was happening. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr are back together, and their engagement is still on. They have been getting mushy on social media once again, talking about how much they love one another. Wehr reportedly had commented that they did not break up based on the editing of Teen Mom 2 as previously thought, but did confirm they split "for like a day."

Brooke Wehr will be seen more on this season of Teen Mom 2 with Jeremy Calvert. The couple has been dating since 2015, meeting the same year he was divorced from Leah Messer. There has been some talk that Calvert plans to leave the Teen Mom franchise, but he has not quit filming as of yet. He is spending less time in front of the cameras, but he has also been away for work more as well. In fact, on the show right now he was given a job in South Dakota. During that time, he hung out with Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer. Fans will remember the photos shared by Houska of Calvert attending a party at her house, and many speculated he was nearby for work.

Now that it has been confirmed that Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr are back together, Teen Mom 2 fans are hoping for a televised wedding. It isn't a likely scenario, but there is hope that they would settle for the network footing the bill in exchange for it airing on MTV. There has not been a lot of talk about dates or where they plan to wed. The two have been carrying on a long-distance relationship with Wehr based in Ohio and Calvert's home being West Virginia. Once a date is announced, things will start to become more real for fans who have been following their on-again-off-again charade.

Filming for Season 7B of Teen Mom 2 has ended as the season is currently airing Monday nights on MTV. The reunion show has not been taped yet, but one will be filmed. It will be interesting to see what Jeremy Calvert will have to say about the editing and whether or not he will continue to film for the show. He has discussed pulling his daughter out as well, but that would limit the time that Leah Messer could be filmed because she resides with her the majority of the time. Fans have a lot of questions for Jeremy Calvert, and they are looking forward to the answers when the reunion special airs after the season is over.

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