Kailyn Lowry Heartbroken? ‘Teen Mom’ Star Opens Up About Relationship And Guys

Kailyn Lowry didn't think twice when she decided to file for divorce from Javi Marroquin. This Teen Mom star wanted out of her marriage and she no longer felt that they were a great fit for one another. Lowry worked on getting a divorce ready for Marroquin, so he could just sign the papers upon his return, which worked out well. During the fall months, he revealed that he had done everything possible to end the marriage and they were just waiting for the judge to sign off on the papers. Before Christmas, they were legally divorced.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now sharing her frustrations in regards to finding a new relationship. Even though Lowry didn't want to be married to Javi, she still wants a relationship. And it sounds like she's having a hard time finding someone who she can trust, as it appears that guys who contact her have ulterior motives.

"There is nothing I can do to change someone else's behavior. It is what it is. Accept it & move forward," Kailyn Lowry revealed on Twitter, sharing yet another vague tweet over the weekend, but her followers were quick to point out that perhaps she should change if she wanted to see a change in others.

"Changed behavior is also the biggest apology.. some people aren't capable of change. Sigh," one person wrote, to which another person added, "There is a great saying "How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.""

"Amen girl. You can't change or stay upset about something you have no control over. It's a waste of time. They are not worth it," a third person chimed in, while several others hinted that perhaps Kailyn Lowry needed to stop tweeting about Javi and other relationships, as it appeared immature on her end.

This isn't the first time Kailyn Lowry has tweeted vague tweets about relationships. During their divorce, Lowry would tweet many vague things about feelings and relationships, so many people thought that she was talking about Javi. This could be anything in regards to her not being taken seriously to people not listening to her. However, during this time, she wasn't really speaking to Marroquin -- only when their son wanted to FaceTime.

"If you're doing ALLL the relationship shit you're in a relationship. DONT @ ME," Kailyn Lowry later tweeted, to which she didn't get many replies.

Maybe Lowry is finding that plenty of guys want to flirt with her, but then she learns that they are in relationships with other girls. Of course, many find that it is tempting to date a famous person, including someone who is making her own money and is the mother of two sons. And it makes sense that people would find this attractive. And in case people wanted to date her, it sounds like her standards are very high these days.

"I felt trapped in my own life for a long time. There was also too much outside involvement in the marriage since the beginning, and it has continued up until this point. I made the decision to continue with the divorce," Kailyn Lowry wrote on her personal blog on her website, according to KailLowry.com, adding about her dating life back in August, "Have I been dating? Yeah… Is it ultimately my decision if I do? Yes! I'm separated, pending divorce, it's not a crime to date. What's okay for one has to be okay for the other and that's all I'll say about that."

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry's frustrating tweets? Do you think she's dating someone seriously and is getting frustrated with guys cheating on her?

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