Wynonna Judd Opposes Ashley Judd’s ‘Nasty Woman’ Rant Trump Protest In Most Sisterly Way

Blood is supposed to be thicker than water, but Wynonna Judd apparently is rewriting the rules, so to speak.

According to a Taste of Country celebrity news report, two of the Judd sisters — Wynonna and Ashley Judd — are in somewhat of a social media sparring match. It’s not your average feud, but fans of both sisters are taking sides.

Normally, Wynonna Judd, 52, formerly of the Judds with her mom, Naomi Judd, uses Twitter to share uplifting words of wisdom based on her faith. However, Wynonna was suddenly thrust into a tug-o-war against her sister, Ashley over a difference of opinion regarding Trump’s presidency.

Over the weekend, Ashley joined dozens of celebrities and reportedly millions of protesters at the Women’s March. There, she ignited the audience with a spoken word poem, notably from a piece of third-party prose.

It nearly broke the internet.

Wynonna Judd took the time to distance herself from her sibling’s comments and explain why she was taking another direction, as explained by TOC.

“Judd’s diatribe took on what she and many of the other marchers see as Trump’s misogyny, racism, homophobia and bigotry, and drew a rousing reaction from the other protesters on hand in the nation’s capitol.”

Ashley commanded the outdoor stage before the capacity crowd of marchers and anti-Trump protesters and read a poem written by Nina Donovan, 19, of Tennessee.

Donovan’s incendiary poem, “Nasty Woman,” is an expressive protest of Trump’s dismissive and misogynist characterization of Hillary Clinton during the contentious campaign. He used this to refer to the former Democratic nominee for the 2016 Elections during the last televised debate.

Donovan reportedly attends Nashville’s Columbia State Community College where she studies sociology. A local Dunkin Donuts employs her. The teen expressed being bewildered by her newly found celebrity and all the attention — positive and negative — in the wake of the poem’s circulation on social media.

The free-form prose includes the P-word infamously used by Trump and leaked in a tape where he bragged about grabbing women’s genitalia by way of Hollywood “privilege.”

“I got it from the president of the United States. I’m just quoting him. And I am really more entitled to the word because I’ve actually got one.”

Wynonna Judd addressed growing calls from fans to respond to her sister’s statements at Trump protest. While Wynonna did not bash Ashley, she was clear in her position on the matter and said she doesn’t agree with all of her sister’s talking points.

Plainly put, Wynonna Judd said, she wants to be “part of the solution, not the problem.”

In 2013, TMZ broke a story about what some quipped as a “family feud” between Ashley and Wynonna. The story centered on accusations from Ashley that Wynonna was tracking her movements using a GPS (global positioning system) device.

A police report says Wynonna Judd’s daughter borrowed Ashley’s car and took it to a local automobile repair shop. There, she asked them to inspect the car for a tracking device. Mechanics discovered a device and police were notified.

Investigators spoke with Ashley who suspected her half-sister was behind the incident; the two were in a custody dispute at the time. Law enforcement learned that the registered owner was a private investigator connected to Wynonna.

However, according to Wynonna’s attorney, the case was taken out of context, as the report reads.

“The singer was just trying to track her daughter whom she knew had been driving the vehicle.”

Share your comments below about the presumed feud between Ashley and Wynonna Judd. Do you think there is a rift between the two siblings or did the social media sphere get it wrong?

[Featured Image by Jose Luis Magana/AP Photo]