‘Bachelor’ Spoilers: Did Corinne Olympios’ Ring Just Prove ‘Reality Steve’ Wrong?

The Bachelor spoilers from Reality Steve have already proclaimed Bachelor Nick Viall’s “winner,” and have confirmed that he’s not only engaged but that he and his new love are already having problems. Bachelor fans who read these spoilers seem to be the least bit surprised by this “news.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, however, there have been times that Reality Steve has been wrong about a season, but his track record is pretty good.

Now, a new report by Refinery 29 suggests that there might be something else going on — something different from what Reality Steve has already reported. Apparently, Corinne Olympios — who has already set herself up to be a frontrunner and this season’s villain — was spotted wearing one of those diamond ring things — on that finger. And Bachelor nation wants to know what’s up.

The Bachelor spoilers indicate that Nick Viall has chosen Vanessa Grimaldi to be his bride-to-be. However, this new Instagram photo of Corinne suggests that she’s engaged. The picture was posted by @girlwithnojob and can be seen below. It didn’t take long for Bachelor nation to notice that sparkler on Corinne’s finger.

A photo posted by Claudia Oshry (@girlwithnojob) on

Although it looks like Corinne Olympios could be engaged, Refinery 29 believes that there might be something else going on here. Then again, the site points out that Corinne probably doesn’t care about the confidentiality agreement that she signed before her love journey with Nick Viall.

“If we know anything real at all about Olympios it’s that she knows how to play the game. Maybe not necessarily the game of winning Viall’s heart, but the game of gaining insta-fame while she tries. Before the season began, we laughed at her for sleeping on the job. It took her about 2.3 seconds to be crowned this season’s villain. In another minute, she complained of being slut-shamed for going topless. Then, of course, she became a meme, thanks to the info that the 24-year-old has her own nanny. Can any of these accomplishments mean that she not only managed to get herself engaged to Viall but also that she DGAF about the show’s confidentiality agreement?”

The Bachelor spoilers by Reality Steve have not changed based on this new Instagram pic. It is unknown why Corinne Olympios was wearing a ring that appeared to be of the engagement variety. Many fans will immediately assume that she’s just trying to stir the pot or make it look like she won Nick Viall’s heart — and maybe she is. Or, maybe she actually did just that, and Reality Steve‘s Bachelor spoilers were wrong.

Corinne Olympios

The Bachelor spoilers have revealed that Corinne gets her heart broken when Nick sends her packing after the hometown dates. It’s unclear what exactly happens when the Bachelor meets her family, but The Bachelor reportedly makes the decision to end his relationship with Corinne, leaving her before the infamous overnight dates.

If you ask Bachelor spoilers extraordinaire what he makes of the new pic of Corinne wearing a ring, he will probably tell you what he wrote on his Bachelor spoilers blog earlier this year.

“As I say every season [of The Bachelor], this isn’t a guess. This isn’t speculation. This is what happens. People can choose to believe this information or not, and there are always those that will doubt and are entitled to their own opinion – however wrong it may be. To be honest, this was the easiest [Bachelor] season in recent memory to spoil, and I pretty much knew it would be going in. Too solid of sources this season to ever be worried about being wrong.”

Do you like reading spoilers ahead of the Bachelor season finale? Do you think that The Bachelor spoilers could actually be wrong this season? Do you think Nick Viall ends up with Corinne or with Vanessa?

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