‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Deimos’ Explosive Rage Will Affect One Character

Days of Our Lives spoilers suggest that there’s one character who might be affected by Deimos’ rage. As viewers are aware, Deimos has been trying to be a good guy, but his demons are fighting him hard on it. Recent events could lure him to the dark side once again.

Now, a new Days of Our Lives post by Celeb Dirty Laundry hints that there’s one character who might be directly affected from Deimos’ rage. According to the latest batch of spoilers, a war is brewing between Chad, Sonny, and Dario, and it’s Dario who will wind up as Deimos’ main target if things go from bad to worse.

In an earlier Days of Our Lives spoilers post, the Inquisitr hinted that Deimos was going to go after Sonny. He and Andre are playing dirty with the families, and Dario definitely knows how to fight back in the same way. That said, Dario might not be prepared for the battle to end with violence.

The latest spoilers state that Dario might get injured after Deimos pulls his next move. Days of Our Lives fans might have suspected that while Chad and Sonny are trying to take a more peaceful approach as to not get caught up in a ton of drama, Dario will react — and that’s when he will find himself in trouble.

As stated, it’s not surprising to Days of Our Lives viewers that Sonny would want to duck out of the drama after all of the baiting.

An earlier Days of Our Lives spoilers post said that Sonny might meet his end after he gets a hold of the amulet, which Deimos is after to ward off evil. Days of Our Lives fans know that he also wants to expose Deimos and tell Nicole “something” that could change her views on him. However, now that Sonny is hoping to back off of Deimos, his life might be spared, which leads everyone’s favorite bad guy to Dario.

As it stands right now, spoilers have said that Gabi and Abigail are worried about how this will all come to a head and hatch a plan to correct all of this, if they can help it. As far as the data goes, Myron is in control of it, so Abigail will be using her sex appeal to get a hold of the files in order to delete them. Additionally, the ladies are hoping to destroy the device completely so that the families will stop fighting over it.

According to other Days of Our Lives spoilers, everyone’s favorite runaway Hope is now fighting to survive at Eric’s farmhouse. Despite Eric being a good caretaker, Hope is still fighting to recover. Days of Our Lives viewers may be shocked to find out that Hope is “on the brink of death.” Hope’s health isn’t good after she runs a dangerously high fever. That said, she won’t be in trouble for too long, as her fever is expected to go down, but the question remains: Can’t Hope just get a break?

While she’s on the mend outside of Salem, the latest Days of Our Lives tidbit states that Hope might need Eric to go into Salem, which isn’t exactly what he planned on doing since he’s hiding from his friends and family, too. A few weeks ago, Days of Our Lives viewers found out that Eric has been hiding in his house ever since he was released from prison because he can’t deal with seeing people from his past. That said, it seems like Eric is really growing close to Hope and will go back to Salem anyway.

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