Javi Marroquin Doing Possible Interview Without Kailyn Lowry: Will He Dish On Divorce Drama?

Javi Marroquin has been keeping a low profile since returning home from Qatar in August. When he returned home, he had to figure out a new way of living. When he left, he was happily married to Kailyn Lowry, and he thought he had a family to come home to. But he quickly learned that she was unhappy and wanted out of the marriage. While Marroquin was still away, he started hearing about cheating rumors, and he may have been devastated to hear these rumors. He hinted that he was writing a tell-all book about his life and now he has been asked to do a photoshoot in New York. Is he ready to dish the details?

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is now revealing that he has been asked to do a photoshoot in New York with his son and that could include an interview. This would be the first time he has spoken out about his life after returning home, but he has been spending time in Miami, Delaware, Philadelphia and even with friends from the Air Force. For a brief moment, he was also linked to a new girlfriend.

"Taking Linc to New York next weekend for a photo shoot we were asked to be in. I love the city so I'm excited," Javi Marroquin revealed in a tweet, sharing that he and Lincoln would be going to the big city for a photo shoot, but didn't reveal whether that would include an interview.

And it sounds like some people are curious as to why Javi Marroquin is only bringing Lincoln with him. He has always called Isaac his son, even though he isn't biologically his. And Isaac was devastated when he learned that he wouldn't be living with Javi on a regular basis after his return from Qatar.

"I know that Joe said in an episode that he wanted to know that you are a part of Issac's life. Co-parenting is hard," one person wrote to Javi Marroquin, while another added, "So sad you and Kay are not together."

"It is a lot of give & take. I hope that things are going well in that area & there is open communication with everyone," a third person wrote to Javi, hoping that things are working out in the custody department, to which another person added, "I hope Issac isn't being left out I feel he loves u just as much as his real daddy if not more."

Of course, Isaac broke everyone's hearts when he found out that he wouldn't be living with Javi upon his return. And when Lincoln was getting his own room at Marroquin's new place, Isaac was confused as to why he wasn't getting one himself.

"My time is yours if you want it. The seconds and minutes are ticking," Javi Marroquin later tweeted, hinting that if someone wanted his time he was there for him, which could have been an indirect message to Lowry.

"There was nothing specific or dramatic that ended my marriage. There were problems for a very long time, things that we swept under the rug to try to keep our family together. What happened? I woke up. I decided my boys deserved to see their mom happy and witness a relationship based on love, not tolerance. If I couldn't give them that example of a marriage, I'd rather wait until I could and focus on becoming the best mother and person I could be in the meantime," Kailyn Lowry has written on her personal blog about her marriage falling apart, according to her personal website.

What do you think of Javi Marroquin doing a photo shoot with his son, Lincoln?

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Star Magazine]