'The Bachelor' Nick Viall Dumped By The Winner Already?

Nick Viall had 30 women fighting for his final rose on The Bachelor, but that doesn't mean he found love. Inside sources told In Touch Weekly that Viall's Season 21 winner isn't happy with what's been unfolding on national television. Did she already dump him and move on?

"During filming, Nick was really sweet and charming toward her. But watching back each episode, the winner is realizing more and more that Nick is a fraud," the source revealed. "She finds his behavior to be completely inappropriate and she feels betrayed."
It sounds like Viall's finalist isn't thrilled with his actions this season. While Viall continues to eliminate suitors each week, the constant make-out sessions are giving the winning girl second thoughts about settling down with Viall.

"Watching Nick on the show with the other women has been really hard. She isn't sure anymore if he's ready to settle down," the source added.

Corinne Olympios got frisky with Nick on the very first group date. [Image by ABC]

The mysterious winner isn't the only constant unhappy with Viall's antics. Viall is struggling to shake his villain reputation from previous seasons, and some of the ladies are worried that he isn't serious about finding long-term love. Not to mention how his obsession with sex caused some of the women to walk off the set.

"He's always expressing [to the women] that sex is important to him. It comes off as sleazy!"
Viall faced similar criticisms in the past. According to Hollywood Take, he slept with both Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe on The Bachelorette and wasn't afraid to admit it. He also revealed that he hooked up with Liz Sandoz after Tanner and Jade Tolbert's wedding. This season -- Viall's fourth appearance on the hit franchise -- he's engaged in plenty of PDA with several contestants.

Wet Paint reports that Viall has been particularly close with Corinne. Only a few episodes into this season of The Bachelor and Corrine has already put Viall's hands on her naked boobs, had him eat whipped cream off the top of her breast, and straddled him while inside a bouncy house. None of which got a good reaction from the other women.

Vanessa Grimaldi and Nick Viall hit it off on the first night of 'The Bachelor.' [Image by ABC]

There's no telling who Viall will choose in the end, though spoilers hint that Vanessa Grimaldi is the winner. That theory hit a major hurdle on the last episode when Grimaldi raised some concern over Viall's motivation for being on the show. If Grimaldi does make it through the final rose ceremony, it doesn't sound like her relationship with Viall will last.

That being said, Heavy is reporting that Grimaldi's solo date with Viall on the last episode went really well, despite the fact that she got sick on the zero-gravity plane ride. "They looked totally in love. They were acting like a couple on their honeymoon … They were kissing passionately on the plane … They were so affectionate. I'd be surprised if she isn't the front-runner," the source explained. "She got airsick and threw up at one point. But otherwise, they had a great time."

Grimaldi is clearly the frontrunner in the bid for Viall's final rose. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like Viall will get his happily ever after when it's all said and done. One of the biggest reasons why Grimaldi and Viall's relationship won't work out is her desire to remain in Canada. Will she move if Viall gives her his final rose?

"I am willing to leave Montreal. That's definitely something that needs to be discussed. We'll see. We don't know what the future holds, but I'm here. I'm happy!"
Fans can watch Viall in action when new episodes of The Bachelor air Monday nights on ABC.

[Featured Image by ABC]