Mila Kunis To Produce A 70s Themed Show For The CW

Looks like Mila Kunis will be adding another title under her belt, that of a producer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Kunis will be executive producing a pilot heading straight to The CW called Meridian Hills.

It is said that the show is set in a “boozy Midwest country club in 1972,” the era is described as “just the beginning of when the Equal Rights Amendment.” The drama, which is said to be penned and co-produced by Sydney Sidner (The Rite), will follow a newlywed woman, who after getting hitched, decides to join a Junior League, where she discovers a diverse group of young women who are “her unlikely allies in her quest to change the system.”

It goes without saying, but the movement is based on a true story of a group founded in 1901 by Mary Harriman, which saw women improving communities through volunteer work, and civic leadership.

Although Mila Kunis is having a hot year at the box office with Ted, now deemed the highest rated R comedy, and the highly anticipated Oz: The Great And Powerful, the actress will not have a role on screen for the television series. In addition to Kunis executive producing, Robot Chicken’s Lisa Sterbakov, who has worked with Kunis on the television series, is also on board. Kunis, who’s managers are Cami Curtis and Susan Curtis will also executive produce too.

No word on whether or not The CW will pick up the series. It seems a bit heavy for the typical CW fair, a network that mostly turns out teen dramas. Hopefully this show, if picked up, will change CW’s roster.

Do you want to see Mila Kunis’ 70s themed show?