‘Criminal Minds’ Episode 806: ‘The Apprenticeship’ Recap

Tonight’s Criminal Minds, Episode806, “The Apprenticeship” has the BAU going to Miami, Florida to stop a serial killer in the making. Caution: Slight Spoilers.

We opened with a bus stopping on a seedy street in Miami and an innocent looking kid stepping off. But he is not as innocent as he looks since the first thing he does is approach a prostitute. They go to a back lot and just as she is about to go to work he surprises her with a knee to the face. The boy puts a bag over her head and begins to brutally beat her.

Back in Virginia Reid is spared the indignity of learning how to play softball when he and Morgan get the call they have a case. They find out that the deceptively sweet looking boy we saw at the beginning is a sadistic puppy killer who has now graduated to human victims.

But it looks like the BAU aren’t the only people watching our creep-in-the-making. He receives a video and it looks like someone has recorded the woman’s murder.

After the team arrives in Miami we see that the kid actually works at a pet shop and I wanted to punch him in the face when he started looking at the puppies the wrong way. Never mind that pet shops rarely sell large animals anymore. Luckily for the puppies (and his face) he gets a text telling him he is “screwed” with pictures of the dead hooker attached to it.

He looks up to see guest star Matthew Lillard staring at him creepily and he abruptly leaves work. It was great to see Lillard as the guest this week. Last week’s “The Good Earth” featured the talented Anne Dudek—this show is stepping it up when it comes to hiring bigger names to make special appearances.

Our UnSub “Toby” heads into the pet shop’s parking lot where he is confronted by an angry Lillard. Turns out they have a connection far more sinister then a possible blackmailing.

Before the team can even put together a profile another body turns up. This one was treated even more brutally than the first. And as they try to put together the evidence to figure out who is doing this we see the murderous duo attacking yet another unwitting prostitute.

Criminal Minds Episode 806 The Apprenticeship

Can our team put a stop to these spree killers before the mentor can turn the apprentice into the perfect murderer? Is a killer from the BAU’s past back to haunt them? And most importantly, can Morgan ever get Reid to enjoy sports?

What did you think of Criminal Minds Episode 806 “The Apprenticeship”? Did you like seeing Matthew Lillard on the small screen?