Impossible To View With A Clean Mind – Shay Mitchell Naked Shower Pic Is Just Dirty

Pretty Little Liars may be in its final season but Shay Mitchell shared a nude shower pic of herself that will not just comfort fans of the show but leave them with something to remember her for! She captioned the shower pic, “Not a bad way to freshen up after 12 hrs of travel from Rwanda to Cape Town…” Her Instagram followers will no doubt want her to take more of such trips if it will mean more pictures of the Shay Mitchell naked shower kind!

With just a towel to cover her midsection, the Pretty Little Liars star left little to the imagination. The wet hair also served to add to the sexiness of the Shay Mitchell naked shower photo which was taken at an exotic location.

Remote support for the Women’s March

A day earlier Shay Mitchell had also taken to Instagram to offer support to the Women’s March.

“There are moments and milestones in every movement when we get there, I feel as though this will be a day to remember. I’ve been in an Instagram hole, which is pretty standard lol, but this time around I’m overwhelmed reading all the signs, watching all of the videos and am jealous I could not be there marching. Thank-you to each and every person who took the time to march today, it is amazing to see so many people supporting each other all the way from Africa!” the actress and digital influencer wrote on the photo-sharing website prior to releasing the Shay Mitchell naked shower pic.

Shay Mitchell naked shower

Shay unscripted

But even as a show she has been closely associated with and which has largely formed her identity comes to an end, Shay’s fans will be comforted to know that she will not disappear from their screens. She recently landed her own reality show on Fullscreen called Shades of Shay. The first season of the reality show will be released in eight episodes and is set for a launch date sometime this year. As Fullscreen is a channel that is targeted at the youth demographic, the show will follow Shay as she considers what to do next in her career.

Besides the reality show, Shay is also engaged to star in Cadaver, a horror-thriller. Here she plays a former police officer who’s on the mend from alcoholism. At the hospital where she was rehabilitated, she must work at the mortuary during the graveyard shift. After a body that has been mysteriously and brutally massacred is brought to the funeral home, Shay’s character starts to witness more violent and terrorizing murders.

This will not be Shay’s first time to star in a feature film as she had appeared as part of the ensemble cast of the romantic comedy, Mother’s Day.

Shay Mitchell naked shower

“Mattes” of the heart

Prior to her African trip where the Shay Mitchell naked shower photo was taken, the Canadian actress and new media influencer were earlier in the year holidaying in Tulum, Mexico. Her social media activity during that period revealed that she had been quietly dating Matte Babel, a music reporter and TV host.

Though they both hail from Canada, it is understood that they met in Los Angeles where they were both introduced by friends. Matte is also a friend of a fellow native of Toronto, Drake. One of the few times that the two have been seen together in public was when Matte took Shay along to Drake’s 30th birthday bash.

It’s a wrap!

In the final season of Pretty Little Liars, which is scheduled to begin airing sometime in June, several things are expected to happen in the show, including the revelation of the identity of the new big bad. Also, the mystery of the death of Mrs. DiLaurentis will be uncovered and a wedding is also being speculated for one of the couples on the show. Shay, who stars as Emily Fields with a lesbian love interest, has already teased about it.

“This is the most romantic season thus far and all I can say is that Emily will end up with someone who she cares deeply about,” Shay revealed.

After the production of the final season wrapped, Shay read a farewell letter to fans of the show and posted a video of it. The video has been widely viewed managing to garner over 2 million unique views.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]