The Dilemma: Did Joanna Krupa Just Post A Naked Selfie?

Joanna Krupa is the center of attention once gain following her recent Instagram photo in which she looks as if she was naked.

Krupa appeared to be posing naked while taking the selfie which she later posted on Instagram, though it raised the dilemma of whether she was naked or not. Krupa posted a gif of the selfie on Instagram in which she was clad in underwear that matched her skin, making it very difficult to see. Also, the lighting at the time she took the selfie was not that bright making the selfie to appear a bit dull.

Joanna Krupa insists that she was not nude

Krupa’s controversial bathroom selfie which she converted into a gif became the talk of social media, with fans on Instagram arguing that she was naked. This is especially because the Polish beauty has never shied away from the camera when clad in skimpy outfits, and naked photo shoots are also not a new thing to her. Despite the claims that she was naked, Krupa insisted that she was clad in lingerie.

The dilemma: Is Joanna Krupa naked in her latest selfie

Krupa’s naked selfie could have fooled anyone

A careful analysis of Krupa’s Instagram post reveals that Krupa might be telling the truth. It is highly likely that she was clad in a nude-colored bikini that blended very well with her skin. The model’s almost non-existent lingerie certainly caused the dilemma as to whether it was there or not. It did convincingly look as if it was a naked selfie. However, Joanna told critics to relax because she was indeed clad in lingerie.

“Yes, I do have Nude color on‼ so relax #haters,” Krupa captioned the Instagram post.

Aside from the controversial possibility that Krupa was naked, the selfie was quite a site for sore eyes. The 37-year-old undoubtedly looked incredibly sexy in the Instagram post. The gif allowed her to flaunt her incredibly sexy body which included a very flat tummy. She also flaunted her ample cleavage as well as her sexy legs in the selfie.

The Instagram post treated her fans to a lot of eye candy from the model. Krupa likes to post controversial content on her Instagram account every once in a whole to keep her fans entertained. It has been clear over time that she likes taking it all off for the camera. Last year she posted a video of herself doing her version of the Mannequin challenge in which she was naked and flaunted her assets. Her strategic pose while doing the Mannequin challenge allowed her to protect her dignity.

The dilemma: Is Joanna Krupa naked in her latest selfie

Krupa’s nude and semi-nude posts are a testament to how comfortable she is in her own skin. And rightfully so because she has flawless skin and an incredibly tight toned body. The 37-year-old claims that she puts in a lot of work to keep her body in such good shape. She is proud to show off her incredible figure to her 963,000 followers on Instagram.

“Is she naked?!” one fan enquired.

Krupa posted the recent and controversial Instagram post on Sunday, and it instantly sent her followers on a frenzy. Most of her followers thought that she was completely naked, and this instantly sparked a lot of conversation in the comment section. Some of her fans even criticized her and called her shameless for posting a completely nude photo. However, she was quick to point out that they were wrong because she was clad in nude lingerie.

Nude or not, the Instagram photo was quite controversial as expected considering her love for posting controversial social media posts in which she appears nude. However, Krupa maintains that she was not completely naked in her latest Instagram selfie.

[Featured Image by Michael Kovac /Getty Images]