Bigfoot In Yellowstone? Old Faithful Webcam Captures ‘Sasquatch Family’ On Video

Warning: Video contains explicit language.

Sasquatch spotters believe that there may finally be proof that Bigfoot exists. A webcam located near Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park captured some unusual looking figures that have left many calling it “compelling” evidence that Bigfoot is real. The “Sasquatch family” was captured on the Old Faithful webcam on Christmas Day and appears to show six large figures in the snow. So is the video really proof? You be the judge.

The video, which was uploaded to YouTube by user Bahinko, was a cell phone recording of a Yellowstone National Park live feed. The feed, which was reportedly taken near Old Faithful, was available for anyone to view but Bahinko began recording footage of his own when he noticed the odd figures sitting in the snow.

“On Christmas Day 2016, I recorded a live feed coming from the Old Faithful webcam located at Yellowstone National Park. The park’s webcam, normally trained on Old Faithful, suddenly zoomed in on a geyser erupting off in the distance and at the same time was now broadcasting a live video feed of a group of large individuals gathering, one at a time.”

The camera is typically pointed towards Old Faithful, but it also records numerous other geysers in the area. According to the individual making the recording, the creatures were captured on the camera when the video swung out to capture a geyser in the distance. When the video swings out, you can see two large figures sitting in the snow. One stands up and others begin joining them from off camera. After a few moments, six large bipedal figures can be seen on the screen.

The video does not last long as it soon swings back into Old Faithful; however, some believe that the Yellowstone camera captured a rare appearance of a Bigfoot family together. While the Youtube user says it is not up to him to determine if they are Bigfoot or not, he says that viewers can see their unusual movements and make their own assumptions.

Others commenting on the video seem to agree that these must be Bigfoot as the video was taken in the middle of winter in Yellowstone when there are fewer visitors to the park. While there are less people visiting the park in winter, there are still people present even during the harshest of times. In fact, during the time this video was taken, Yellowstone was open for snowmobiling.

While the figures in the video appear larger than humans and walking in a slower drawn out manner, this could be explained by the conditions in the area. With temperatures extremely cold, anyone visiting the park would likely be wearing snowsuits which could cause them to appear larger and, of course, walking slightly different. If the group was snowshoeing, that would explain the strange strides.

The fact that the group appeared seated in the snow until the geyser began to erupt is another indication it was likely humans braving the snow for some geyser viewing. Yellowstone National Parks keeps a schedule of when geysers are expected to erupt and we may simply have a case of snowshoers or snowsuit-clad humans causing the Bigfoot controversy.

This isn’t the first time that Yellowstone visitors have reportedly witnessed a Sasquatch in the area. In fact, the National Parks Service has an entire page dedicated to the “unexplained and unreported” happenings of Yellowstone which indicates that inquires on Bigfoot are frequent. However, the NPS says they have no proof of Bigfoot’s existence or other strange phenomena such as “lake music.”

“Thirty-three years after the letters inquiring about Sasquatch sightings, the Archives cannot claim to have official proof of Bigfoot sightings nor does it hold documents that can explain lake music.”

What do you think? Do you think the video is “proof” that Bigfoot is lurking in Yellowstone National Park?

[Featured Image by Orhan Cam/Shutterstock]