Joseline Hernandez Is Co-Hosting ‘The Real’ For A Whole Week — Guess What The ‘LHHATL’ Star Had To Say About Stevie J

Baby Bonnie Bella is barely three weeks old but Joseline Hernandez is already back to work following her birth. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star will be co-hosting on The Real all next week, which makes the daytime talk show must-see TV for fans of the Puerto Rican princess.

During her time on The Real, Joseline Hernandez will make a shocking confession about a secret celebrity crush that she’s been holding onto for years. She also gives updates on baby Bonnie Bella and tells us about the current status of her relationship with LHHATL co-star and former (fake) husband Stevie J.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Stevie J’s defamation suit against Joseline Hernandez was recently dismissed when the LHHATL star failed to show up to court. When brought up on The Real, Joseline claimed that she had no idea Stevie was even suing her. It seems hard to believe since that she had no idea since news of the lawsuit was all over the blogs. Not to mention that she should have expected some sort of retaliation from her producer-turned-reality TV star ex after claiming on social media that he molested his other daughter.

LHHATL Joseline Hernandez The Real CoHost

According to Joseline, the lawsuit was “typical him to get attention.” Then Joseline goes on to claim that she’s not even mad at him anymore. It seems that Stevie J and Joseline have been getting along pretty well lately while telling everyone that they are doing it for the sake of their new baby girl. Let’s see how long the truce lasts.

“You know, I’m not even mad at him. You know, people go through things and the thing, the most important thing right now is that we can co-parent.”

Joseline Hernandez will also reveal which of the ladies from The Real that she has been crushing on since she was a kid. While sitting on stage with the other co-hosts, Joseline’s celebrity crush is brought up and it turns out that it’s one of them. Check out the video below to find out which one.

Joseline is hosting The Real when baby Bonnie Bella is just three weeks old. Most new moms don’t even go back to work until their baby is six-week-old or even older. No one can say anything about Joseline’s work ethic, or maybe it’s her need to gather up some coins because the clubs weren’t paying her for appearances when she was huge and pregnant.

Speaking of club appearances, Joseline Hernandez made her first one just last week during Black Pride ATL. The Puerto Rican princess was reportedly paid $10,000 to come dance for a bit, rap a few bars and drink champagne at the Museum Bar. Those who saw Joseline during her most recent appearance said that the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star was surrounded by about eight bodyguards while she danced and hosted the event at the club.

LHHATL Joseline Hernandez The Real

Considering how quickly Joseline bounced back from giving birth to Bonnie Bella and got back to work, it’s safe to say that fans will be seeing plenty more of her before Season 6 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta even starts.

Aside from her accent, which is hard to understand at times, Joseline Hernandez seems right at home at the table with the rest of the co-hosts on The Real. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star will be co-hosting on The Real all week long, starting on Monday, January 23.

The nationally syndicated talk show broadcasts daily on Fox with a rebroadcast on BET. Be sure to check your local listings and tune in all week to see Joseline Hernandez from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta as she co-hosts with the rest of the women on The Real.

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