Donald Trump Praises FBI Director James Comey [Video]

Donald Trump and FBI director James Comey have been “estranged bedfellows” ever since the latter months of the 2016 presidential campaign that ended up with Donald Trump winning the presidency over Hillary Clinton, despite a three million popular vote margin that Hillary Clinton won over Trump.

The Trump and Comey relationship started from a distance and ended with the two shaking hands and congratulating each other at a reception at the White House to honor law enforcement and other first responders that have taken action on the streets of the United States, according to a report by The Washington Post.

To those who might have forgotten, it was James Comey who many credited with the election of Donald Trump to the presidency last November after he released a letter to members of Congress that basically said they were reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton and her e-mails following the “new evidence” that they had just found. This happened just ahead of Election Day, near the end of October.

James Comey then later announced that they were not going to pursue any criminal charges against Hillary Clinton, but many say that the damage had already been done. It was a week before the election and all the polls had been saying that Hillary Clinton was going to win with enormous margins that gave her some breathing room.

But as many have come to find out, the polls were wrong and Hillary Clinton was defeated by Donald Trump, which put James Comey’s name right at the front of the news on every major news outlet accusing the FBI director of using his appointed position at the FBI and his office to influence the outcome of the election.

To be fair, there were many factors that contributed to the unexpected outcome of the election. Although the decisions that James Comey made as the FBI director did indeed have some influence over it, there were other factors that contributed to the outcome of the election that put Donald Trump in the White House.

Since that time, or even before that time, there have been no public appearances with both Donald Trump and James Comey, until now. When James Comey arrived at the White House for the event, Donald Trump motioned for him to come over.

“He’s become more famous than me,” Donald Trump told those sitting close to him while James Comey was making his way to the President.

It seemed to be a very cordial meeting at the White House event between Donald Trump and James Comey. The two shook hands and when Comey leaned into Trump, Trump pat him on the back. The words the two exchanged have not been made available, nor where they heard by any members of the press to report on. But to have been a fly on the tie of either man would have been the golden moment to hear what the two had to say to each other.

The event did not really have much to do with neither Donald Trump nor James Comey, but the two did use it as the least infuriating way to meet in front of the press without any major controversy. Although there are many Democrats and left-leaning pundits that will theorize alternative reasons for it.

The White House event did in fact honor those in law enforcement and Donald Trump had some kind words to say to other key people in attendance.

“The inauguration was such a success, and such a safety success, and we want to thank you all, because it was really a very, very special experience,” Donald Trump told attendees at the event.

Trump also used the event to pay tribute to Secret Service director, Joseph Clancy.

[Featured Image by Andrew Harrer-Pool/Getty Images]