Captain Cold: When Will Fan Favorite Leonard Snart Return To 'Legends Of Tomorrow' Or Any Of The Other CW Superhero Shows?

The character of Captain Cold – as played so effectively by Wentworth Miller – quickly became a fan favorite on season one of The Flash, which is one of the reasons the producers of the DC shows over at The CW decided to rehabilitate him as an antihero and make him part of the Legends of Tomorrow team. But then they killed him off. Now everyone's wondering when he's coming back.

It should be noted that in making Captain Cold an antihero, the folks running The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow were simply following the precedent laid out in the comics. In recent years in DC Comics, Leonard Snart/Captain Cold has become – if not exactly admirable – at least semi-respectable.

Miller's Captain Cold.
Miller's Captain Cold. [Image by The CW}

Even though the producers chose to kill Captain Cold off in a heroic and self-sacrificing way at the end of season one of Legends of Tomorrow, given that it's a time travel superhero show, it was fairly clear to all of the viewers early on that Captain Cold would almost certainly be returning at some point to Legends.

Later, when Miller joined several other CW villain actors in signing multi-show contracts in which they would appear on all of the CW shows, most people assumed that Miller would be returning fairly quickly to Legends of Tomorrow– or at least one of the other shows.

However, this didn't really happen in the first half of the current season of these DC superhero series. This made some people get a bit antsy over whether he would actually be showing up, or if the studio just signed him up on the off chance they might use him at some point.

But according to an interview in Entertainment Weekly, Miller expects to be returning to Legends of Tomorrow very soon. But whether it will be the Captain Cold we all grew to know and love in season one of Legends of Tomorrow is an open question.

It seems far more likely – given the nature of the show – that this will be an earlier version of Leonard Snart that the crew encounters while traveling back to a time before they made Captain Cold a part of their regular squad. Of course, this would mean he would still be the evil version of the character – since Snart's ultimate redemption would still be a part of his future.

One alternative to this approach would be for the so-called "Legion of Doom" – which is currently comprised of Damien Darhk, the Reverse Flash and Malcolm Merlyn – to recruit Captain Cold as a new member. After all, the Reverse Flash can travel in time as well, meaning he could go back and pluck Captain Cold out of the past.

This idea might make for more interesting story points, with the members of the Legends of Tomorrow team being forced to fight and take down the man who saved all of their lives. Lots of emotional angst could be squeezed out of that one.

On the other hand, the producers of these CW shows signed Wentworth Miller up for a contract that calls for him to appear as Captain Cold on multiple shows. This could mean that another big – but as of yet unannounced – crossover event is in the offing.

Otherwise, it would be hard to work out logically how Captain Cold – the evil version – would be able to appear on anything other than Legends of Tomorrow. Right now, the timeline on all of the other shows has moved on past the point where Captain Cold was a bad guy. So it almost necessitates time travel for him to make an appearance on any of the shows – including Legends. And it's not likely the Flash will go back to get him.

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