Amazon Prime Renews 'Sneaky Pete' For Season 2, But Did It Deliver?

Amazon Prime wants more of Sneaky Pete, but did fans also weigh in on that decision? There is a consensus that the show, given its spectacular performance during Amazon Prime's "pilot season," may not have lived up to expectations, while still delivering on other fronts.

In a new report by Variety, Sneaky Pete has officially gotten the green light for a Season 2 on Amazon Prime. Of course, for those who watched the show, that certainly does make sense considering how Season 1 ended, but we won't release any spoilers on that.

Sneaky Pete is an original series brought to fans by everyone's favorite "Walter White," Bryan Cranston. While the show is about a man named Marius (Giovanni Ribisi), who is undercover for a con-job as a man named Pete, it does feature Bryan Cranston in a recurring role as "The Man Who Knocks." Okay, so maybe that reference was a little over the top, but he still plays a bad man with a real dangerous side that is trying to stay ahead of the game. More on that later.

This is the part of the article where we need to warn you that there are some mild spoilers from the first season of Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime. If you don't want some of the smaller details of the show spoiled for you, then you should only proceed with that in mind.

What started with a fairly promising pilot episode of Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime, ended with some questionable reality as to the reasonable expectations that someone like that could pull off a scheme that complex. There were indeed twists and turns in every episode of Sneaky Pete, but it also seemed liked it was a series that most people could just tune into NBC or some other broadcast network and watch.

Now with Sneaky Pete being on Amazon Prime, it does have the latitudes necessary for more premium content, which includes cursing, nudity, and sexual scenes. But it only really used one of those perks and cursing is getting less and less restrictive on broadcast TV. So why not watch it on a broadcast network for free, right?

While Sneaky Pete did have some cliché moments in the first season of the show on Amazon Prime, it also featured some pretty cool aesthetics. That might not come as a surprise to most of you who enjoyed the show Justified that was on FX, since one of the producers for Sneaky Pete is Graham Yost. Sound familiar?

That is one thing that Sneaky Pete did get right for its first season run on Amazon Prime. Although our cast of characters was not based in the deep Appalachian hills of Kentucky, it did have some "down home" style of vibes mixed in with that hillbilly crime element that many fans of Justified may have liked.

So essentially, what you're getting with Sneaky Pete on Amazon Prime is a good old-fashioned mashup of Justified with AMC's powerhouse Breaking Bad. Sneaky Pete actually has people that starred in both shows in the Amazon Prime drama, but they failed to connect in the way that most of the fans may have expected for them to.

The basic takeaway from this is that Sneaky Pete had a great premise and a great lineup, but it seemed almost as though Amazon Prime wanted to make their programming a little more family friendly, despite that TV-MA rating, and remove the grit and grime that makes for great premium TV. It simply did not have the spunk or ruthless ambitions that shows like The Sopranos, The Wire, or House of Cards had in them that made them fantastic.

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