Zayn Malik, Father Yaser Malik’s Ethnicity Is A 2017 Brit Awards Question

Zayn Malik was recently nominated for two 2017 Brit Awards, and the fact that the event promised to be less racist this year has people searching online for the ethnicity of Zayn Malik’s father, Yaser Malik.

Of course, people get Zayn’s ethnicity wrong all of the time — including his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, according to Mirror.

This might especially be shocking since, like Zayn Malik, Gigi Hadid has a father from a Muslim background, but Gigi’s dad, Mohamed Hadid, is from Palestine. Despite this, Gigi Hadid said that Zayn Malik was from a Middle Eastern background when he is not.

In a BBC biography of Zayn Malik, as told by his mother, Trisha Malik, she explains that Zayn’s father is of Pakistani origin, but he has lived in the U.K. for his entire life. Zayn Malik’s father married his mother and they raised their family in Bradford.

Trisha Malik is of English and Irish heritage, but she converted to Islam after she married Zayn’s father. On her enthusiasm about converting, Trisha Malik said the following.

“I made sure the children went to the mosque. Zayn has read the Koran three times.”

While his father’s Muslim culture is a big influence on Zayn Malik and his mother, and Zayn is often seen as being the top Muslim celebrity worldwide, it does not mean Zayn feels he is an appropriate representative of what it means to be a good Muslim.

Kanye, Zayn Malik

Like many Muslims, Zayn does not try to say he is a role model for being a good Muslim. In his interview with Fader, published in January, 2016, Zayn Malik stated the following.

“I am just a normal person as well as following my religion, and doing all the normal things that everybody else does… I would never be trying to influence anything or try to stamp myself as a religious statement or portrayal of anything. I am me. I’m just doing me.”

Despite the fact that Zayn Malik thinks it would be absurd to make him the poster child for being the best Muslim, his ethnicity is being called into question for political reasons related to the Brit Awards.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, in 2016, the Brit Awards had a serious racism problem that had not been addressed after several years of protesting the situation. For example, when Kanye West visited the Brit Awards in 2015, he got all of the top black artists that had been ignored on the stage.

However, after making promises in 2016, the Brit Awards for 2017 include more diversity. For example, Ace Show Biz points out that in 2016, there were only four people nominated (including Zayn Malik) for a Brit Award that were not white.

For the 2017 Brit Awards, not only is the selection committee behind-the-scenes more diverse, but there are also a lot of familiar British musicians that were formerly told that they were only eligible for a MOBO (Music of Black Origin) Award.

One Direction with Zayn Malik

The 2017 Brit Awards were announced on Saturday, January 14, and, once again, Zayn Malik was nominated for the upcoming February 22 awards ceremony. This time, Zayn Malik is up for an award for Best British Single and Best British Video. Both 2017 Brit Award nominations are for Zayn Malik’s song “Pillowtalk.”

The fact that Zayn Malik is still making music and getting awards is likely to be pleasing to his father.

In 2015, it was reported that Zayn Malik’s dad was not very impressed that he quit One Direction, according to Us Weekly. Interestingly, it was Zayn Malik’s mother that gave him the advice to “follow your heart” when he asked her if he should quit One Direction, according to Mirror.

Other ways that Zayn Malik has attempted to impress his father is by writing a song in Urdu for his Mind of Mine album called “Flower,” according to Rolling Stone. Zayn Malik allegedly set up the song to remind his father of a famous singer named Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

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