‘Rainbow Six Siege’ Season 2 DLC: Ubisoft Teases ‘Operation Velvet Shell,’ Live Demo Coming In February

Ubisoft is set to release the biggest update for Rainbow Six Siege Season 2 content. Titled Operation Velvet Shell, the first Season 2 downloadable content (DLC) will introduce two new operators and a new map for all players.

Just like the Year 1 content, fans of the game will get to play with new operators, and this time, they will be in Spain. The last major update players got from the Tom Clancy game series was Operation Red Crow from December 2016, which introduced two Japanese operators, Hibana and Echo.

While Ubisoft did not reveal the identities of the operators for Velvet Shell, it has confirmed that they will be deployed to Spain. The developer also posted a teaser art on Twitter, which shows a purple fabric with a pixelated design. According to iDigitalTimes, this art could be a hint on the advanced cloaking capes that are rumored to be of significance to the operatives.

Rainbow Six Siege usually introduces an attacker and a defender as its operatives. According to the publication, if the attacker wears the cloaking device, there is no need to have a surveillance camera. On the other hand, if a defender will wear this rumored cloaking device, attackers may need to rethink about the use of drones as the cameras might not be able to detect an invisible operative.

Details for Velvet Shell’s operatives have not been confirmed but more information should be given at the upcoming event, Six Invitational, as announced on Twitter. Ubisoft previously revealed the tournament, happening on Feb. 3 to 5, on its Rainbow Six Siege Season 2 road map. Fans of the first-person shooter game are looking forward to the live demo of Velvet Shell’s map promised at the event.

The first day of the tournament begins on Feb. 3 at 10 a.m. EST and will feature PC and Xbox One quarter-finals. Semi-finals will happen on the next day at the same time. The second day will also feature a panel for the Velvet Shell’s new operators, map, and other game features. The grand finals will be on Feb. 5 this is when the live demo will be showcased. The tournament, as well as the live demo for Season 2’s first DLC, will be livestreamed via YouTube and Twitch. Tickets for the event are also on sale now and those interested can purchase them from this website.

Plans for this year’s DLC come as no surprise as it had been revealed earlier. As with the previous year, the game will have a total of four maps and eight operators spread across four seasons. Besides Spain for Velvet Shell, players will soon be introduced to operators deployed to Hong Kong, Poland, and South Korea. A total of eight exclusive headgears, eight unique uniforms, an R6 Carbon charm and 600 R6 Credits will also be given to players.

Rainbow Six Siege is set to have a new update, Operation Velvet Shell, early this year

Players who sign up for the VIP also get to enjoy Rainbow Six Siege Season 2 perks. Registration for VIP membership or Season 2 passes lasts only until Feb. 7, 2018. Ubisoft also announced that purchasing the pass before the aforementioned date will reward players with a free Obsidian Weapon Skin. Season 2 pass holders get to unlock two new operators each season seven days ahead of everyone else. There will also be a 10 percent discount for all in-game purchases, a five percent Renown boost for faster unlocking of in-game content and two more daily challenges.

Given that February is fast approaching, fans and gamers are expecting Ubisoft to drop Rainbow Six Siege Season 2 DLC teasers in the coming weeks. Are you excited about Operation Velvet Shell? Sound off in the comment section below.

[Featured Image by David McNew/Getty Images]