‘Bachelor’ Host Chris Harrison Reveals Corinne Will Be Around For A Few Weeks At Least

Fans of The Bachelor look forward to a few plot devices every season: the charismatic man at the center of the action, the crazy women, the one which may offer true love and the villain. On Nick Viall’s season, Corinne has been played up as the bad girl, since she’s shown overt affection for Viall and been open about her dependence on her nanny who still makes her bed in the morning.

Chris Harrison, writing on his blog for Yahoo, admitted that Corinne is the only Bachelor contestant to ever snooze through a rose ceremony. He also hinted there may be an upcoming shift on the show with regards to Corinne that may throw viewers for a loop. Right now she’s being portrayed as a brash, spoiled woman who uses her sexuality to get closer to Nick. But Harrison defends the small business executive.

Nick Viall 'The Bachelor'

“Corinne is so fascinating to me. She is unapologetically herself, and while that makes her so refreshing, it makes sense why the rest of the women in the house found her actions disconcerting. Being on ‘The Bachelor’ is a difficult situation for all involved. Even the mildest provocation can have dire consequences. This is only the beginning of Corinne’s journey, but I guarantee you will see her differently in a few weeks.

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Whether Corinne is as bad as she’s made out to be is another question entirely. Her mother Peri did an interview with TMZ where she implied her daughter deliberately played it up for the cameras, with some help from producers. She noted that there just happened to be a can of whipped cream nearby when Corinne decided to use it to flirt with Nick during a cocktail party.

In an preview of Monday night’s episode, published by People, the women take a trip to visit the Viall family farm — shoveling manure and all. While most of the group appear to be good sports about the exercise, Corinne sits off to the side and, at one point, laments that she needs sushi. In his Yahoo blog, Harrison hints that Corinne’s back story will continue to evolve — including the mystery woman who makes her salad just-so.

“Corinne’s Nanny. What do we think? I would like to have a nanny; it sounds very relaxing. But a lot of the women didn’t find the idea of a grown woman having a nanny so charming. Again, this is only the beginning of NannyGate, and I’m excited to see what unfolds.”

As for that business Corinne runs — according to People she is actually preparing to take over the business from her father and is not yet in charge. In addition to her work in the family business, Corinne is also a model.

While viewers of The Bachelor were speculating about Corinne and wondering if Nick has any lasting spark with Vanessa — who got a date that took place in zero-gravity — or any of the other women, Viall himself was spending this weekend at the Women’s March in Los Angeles. Us Weekly reported that the Bachelor’s face was all over social media, including the Twitter feed of YouTuber Sarah Snitch, who told the magazine he was at ease with the event.

“[Viall] was very relaxed, with coffee in hand. I was excited and proud to see him out supporting the Women’s March.”

The Bachelor airs Monday nights at 8 pm on ABC.

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