‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lulu Finally Revealed The Truth To Charlotte-What Will The Little Girl’s Reaction Be And Will She Face The Wrath Of Papa Valentin?

Despite all of the recent program interruptions, ABC’s General Hospital has definitely not missed a beat. Many things are happening in Port Charles and the good news is that viewers are not going to miss a thing. This past week has had lots of intrigue, revelations, and confessions. One such confession came from Lulu Falconeri after she revealed to Charlotte that she is her real mother and the aftermath of it may not be what she was hoping for.

Lulu has made it quite clear to everyone, especially Valentin Cassadine, that she wants custody of her daughter and that she should also know the truth about her being her real mother. That revelation came out unexpectedly on Thursday’s episode of General Hospital right after Charlotte got upset over something she overheard. According to Soaps She Knows, the little girl overheard Griffin Munro and Valentin fighting about Claudette, the only mother Charlotte has ever known, and this was when she found out that she was dead. Charlotte then went running off to hide in a closet.

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Lulu saw that her daughter was upset and followed her. She got a little closer to Charlotte and it looked like the little girl was warming up to her, even spilling her feelings that she is missing her mommy. This is the moment that Lulu chose to tell Charlotte the truth. Lulu told her that she still has a mother who is not gone and that she is her real mother.

This shocking truth that she told Charlotte may not end the way Lulu was hoping it would. Maybe she expected the child to go running into her arms, but that is most likely not going to happen. In fact, the General Hospital previews for Monday revealed that the little girl will do the exact opposite. Charlotte will tell her that she is not her mommy and pull away from Lulu even more than she already has been.

Lulu wants nothing more than to have another child. This is something that she has longed for and now her dream has come true in the form of the little girl sitting in front of her. Unfortunately, her dreams may just be shattered when her daughter rejects her, as Soap Central has revealed will happen this upcoming week on General Hospital. Charlotte will think that Lulu is lying to her and now both of them will be upset. Unfortunately, Lulu will now have to face the wrath of Charlotte’s daddy, Valentin, and he may not be in any kind of mood to deal with any more stuff right now.

The last we saw Valentin Cassadine on General Hospital, he was left stuttering and angry after Anna Devane called him disgusting and a coward. Those two have a sordid past and it is all coming out thanks to Anna’s hidden memories finally emerging. Now there will be some revealing details as to what happened in Valentin’s past and why he came to Port Charles.

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After his confrontation with Anna, he will not take too well when his daughter comes running to him to ask him why Lulu says she is her mother. He may just lose it even more than he already has when he finds out what Lulu did. He has told her that he doesn’t want Charlotte more upset by telling her the truth and now here she is upsetting her even more.

What will Valentin do once he finds out? He may just ban Lulu from spending any time at all with their daughter. General Hospital fans think that this girl has been traumatized enough since she has been in town and now that the only mother she knows is dead, she is grieving her loss and even more confused. She is also happy and content with having her new step-mom, Nina, in her life, so Lulu may just be left out in the cold for now.

Of course, there could always be more surprises down the road. Is Valentin really Charlotte’s father? Will Lulu eventually get full custody of her daughter? What are your thoughts on what you have seen so far this year on General Hospital?

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