Jennifer Aniston Hopes To Return To TV, Following Her Iraq War Bomb

Jennifer Aniston has primarily focused her career on feature films, since leaving behind the iconic role of Rachel Green on Friends, but she now shares that she’s ready to consider a return to television and is hoping to earn a starring role in another successful series. While many Hollywood A-listers are reconsidering the value of television with the addition of internet streaming services and the growing popularity of quality content, Aniston’s willingness to return to television, following her latest work on The Yellow Birds, suggests that Jennifer is hoping a change will help her rebrand herself and recapture her former glory days.

Jennifer Aniston Opens Up About Fighting The Iraq War In The Yellow Birds

The Yellow Birds, Jennifer Aniston

While early critics are already dismissing The Yellow Birds as a dud even before the film premieres at Sundance, Entertainment Weekly reports that Jennifer Aniston is standing by her new movie as a success for its look at the human side of the Iraq War. In fact, Aniston says she’s not even a big fan of war films, finding them difficult to get into, but she adds that The Yellow Birds drew her in from her very first look at the script. Jennifer was touched by the humanity shown in the soldiers and how their parents are faced with having to hope for their safe return and simultaneously grieving for a loss, which, in some cases, may be more permanent.

“I already had an extreme amount of respect and gratitude and awe of anyone who would go and fight war, the men and women that are the heroes,” Aniston says, “but then to actually have immersed ourselves in this story, and to really have to connect [to] some reality of what these innocent men and women are faced with — it’s unfathomable, it really is.”

In The Yellow Birds, Aniston plays one of those mothers left behind, watching her son go to war, so the actress feels the role gave her a slight glimpse into what real mothers go through, as their sons and daughters are sent overseas to fight wars. Jennifer adds that The Yellow Birds helped her to understand the sacrifices parents make, as their kids sign into military service and face the real possibility of coming home injured, disabled, or not at all.

While The Yellow Birds is a difficult film to watch and wrought with raw emotion, Ms. Aniston says she stands by it and hopes her fans will give it a chance.

“It’s like a beautiful portrait of a film,” says Jennifer. “It’s hard, but it’s beautiful.”

Jennifer Aniston Is Ready For A Return To The Small Screen

Jennifer Aniston, Friends

As Fox News reports, Ms. Aniston has been echoing the thoughts of other notable Hollywood actors in defining her reason for wanting to return to television. Jennifer says there’s a greater quality to television now, as the medium enjoys a second golden age, prompted by original productions from streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

“That’s where the quality is,” says Ms. Aniston.

“At this point in my career, I want to be part of wonderful stories, exciting characters, and also just having a good time.”

Jennifer adds that her priorities have changed, as she’s grown older. Early in her career, there were advantages to being a film actress, chiefly among them being the opportunity to travel and see the world. Now, as she’s outgrown her youth, Jennifer says she’s more willing to commit to a television series, something which would keep her close to home with her family.

“I have no time for the yelling, angry directors, or bad behavior anymore,” Aniston adds.

Jennifer doesn’t expound on what type of series she would be most willing to take on, though she does mention a fondness for comedies and says she could see herself returning to television for a sitcom.

“I love comedy. It’s something that makes me happy, it brings me joy, it brings people joy. We live in a pretty dark world as it is,” Jennifer Aniston says.

“I’d rather laugh all day than cry all day, but we’ve got it all in us.”

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