Donald's Wife, Melania Trump: Five Facts You Don't Know

Melania Trump, our president's wife, is now the First Lady of the United States. Although news stories ran rampant during the election season, Melania managed to stay out of the spotlight. Supporting Donald and attending rallies when she could, her primary residence this last year was in New York with their 10-year-old son Barron. Here are five facts about Donald Trump's wife, Melania, that you may not know:

  1. She never gave Donald her number when they first met at a New York party in 1998. It was a matter of dignity. Melania knew Donald was on a date with another woman, and she refused to give him her number. She did, however, ask for his. She was interested in seeing exactly what phone number Donald Trump would give her. In short, if he gave her his business number, she probably wouldn't have called back. He went above and beyond – he gave her every single number he had so she would be able to reach him. Intrigued, she gave him a call a week later.
    President Donald Trump waves to supporters as he walks the parade route with first lady Melania Trump and son Barron Trump
    [Image by Evan Vucci/Getty Images Pool]

  2. Our new First Lady is Donald Trump's third wife. This also means that Melania Trump is the only First Lady that has been a third wife. Although reportedly the two had broken up only a short amount of time after they started dating, once they got back together, they've been dedicated to their relationship. Donald's first wife was Ivana Trump. His second wife was Marla Maples. Both were present at his inauguration this past week.
  3. Melania is the only First Lady to have ever posed nude. A men's monthly magazine in France published photos of Melania together with another female model. The photographer of the shoot insists that the photos were entirely for the love of beauty and not porn. While this may be true, it certainly provides an interesting dynamic for the new family that will inhabit the White House.
    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks with his wife Melania Trump by his side during a campaign event
    Melania on the campaign trail with Donald Trump [Image by Joshua Lott/Getty Images]

  4. Melania Trump is only the second First Lady to have not been born in the United States. The wife of John Quincy Adams, Louisa Adams, was born in England; Melania was born in Slovenia. This is particularly interesting, considering her husband's unabashedly pronounced opinions towards immigrants. Donald Trump's wife remains steadfast, however, insisting that her citizenship process was done "the right way." First on a temporary work visa, then a green card in 2001, Melania finally got her citizenship soon after Barron, their first and only child, was born.
  5. Melania did not grow up wanting to be a model, although she certainly had the genes for it. As a child, Melania was always tall and skinny, which tended to give her an advantage at skiing and other sports in her home country of Slovenia. Many of her classmates often said that Melania was always interested in pursuing a career in design like her sister. Destined for more, Melania's hometown grew too small for her, and she eventually moved to Milan, then Paris, and finally New York.
Melania Trump is certainly not the traditional First Lady, but then again, neither was Hillary Clinton. Seemingly rivals over the past several years, they have a lot more in common than one might think. Hillary was simply not content with just picking out china patterns for the White House. Her primary focuses as First Lady involved children's issues and healthcare. Even though Melania Trump was never keen on Donald's pursuit of the road to the White House, she will now have to stand in the spotlight. What will Melania Trump's legacy be at the White House over the next four years? Time will tell.

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