Callum Bedford: English Man Filmed Himself Raping One-Year-Old Baby, Posted Video To Internet

Canadian law officials were able to capture and imprison a purported child rapist thanks to his own sick and deplorable actions.

Twenty-eight year old Callum Bedford, formerly of Lairgate Place in Cleethorpes, England, was first picked up in September 2016 after Humberside Police reached out to the United Kingdom’s National Crime Agency (NCA) about images that reportedly showed the accused trying to have sex with a girl under the age of two on social media, so says Metro.

During his capture, police also uncovered other images, as well as videos of Bedford performing sex acts on the girl between January 1 and September 6 of last year, which Bedford then allegedly sent out to other pedophiles online for their own pleasure. Thanks to the NCA’s tip, cops were able to nab him no less than 24 hours after they were first made aware of his presence in Canada.

“This was a particularly harrowing case,” Det. Con. Steve Bury expressed to BBC News regarding Callum Bedford’s capture. “[Probably] one of the worst I have dealt with in my 10 years in this role.”

Two of the videos found on Bedford’s devices were treated as being key pieces of evidence during court proceedings, including a 21-second recording that reportedly showed a “sexually excited” Bedford “enjoying himself” as he visibly abused the young girl, as well as a 36-second video of him performing a sex act on the child.

callum bedford

“She was making noises that clearly show she was distressed by what was happening to her,” Grimsby Crown Court prosecutor Craig Lowe explained to the jury following their viewing of the clips.

“The defendant was also making noises consistent with enjoying himself or being sexually excited.”

When ordered to the stand, Bedford himself ultimately admitted that he had abused the girl several times over the course of last year, and that he distributed screen grabs and copies of his videos on the internet for other pedophiles like himself to enjoy on their computers and mobile devices. By sending out the disturbing imagery, Judge Mark Bury surmised that “hundreds [or] possibly thousands of perverts” could have come across the footage, and deemed the mass of pictures “impossible to eradicate” from the internet.

“You have plumbed the depths of sexual depravity and reached the lowest level possible,” he bellowed to the defendant right before the sentencing.

“No normal person can imagine anything worse than what you have done.”

Despite the mound of evidence against his client, Bedford’s counsel, Andrew Bailey, tried his best to defend the 28-year-old by saying that his attempt to rape the young girl was mostly unsuccessful.

“He feels terrible, as he should,” Bailey relayed to the court room. “Right-thinking members of the public would immediately conclude that this behavior was, frankly, beyond the pale.”

Callum Bedford was ultimately sentenced to 14 years in prison, after which time, he’ll be listed as a sex offender on England’s registry for the rest of his life. He was also given a indefinite sexual harm prevention order, which, as the UK Criminal Law Blog explains, protects the public from sexual harm from Bedford by way of being notified of where he will reside following his prison stay.

Just recently, another purported child rapist, Iowa resident Kriagen Grooms, 19, was handed a 10-year suspended sentence for also filming himself touching a one-year-old in a sexual manner and posting the visual online, as noted by the Inquisitr back in September of last year. Like Bedford’s, his name also resides on the sexual offender registry, albeit in this country, and will remain there for the rest of his days.

“Offences of this kind are extremely serious,” Det. Bury relayed after Callum Bedford’s sentencing, “and we and our partner agencies around the world work tirelessly to identify those who create and distribute indecent images of children, so that they can be stopped and brought to justice and their victims can be protected from further harm.”

[Featured Image by Humberside Police]