‘Chumlee Death’ Is Trending On Google — But The ‘Pawn Stars’ Star Is Very Much Alive [Debunked]

“Chumlee death” has been trending on search engine platforms such as Google for a few days now. The question is – why?

When a person searches a phrase like “Chumlee death” it is either because the celebrity has died or because there is a death hoax floating around the internet. If you were, however, to hop on Google and search “Chumlee” or “Chumlee death” right now, you aren’t really going to find much of anything.

Austin 'Chumlee' Russell from History's 'Pawn Stars' television series

Why? Well, for starters there is the fact that Chumlee isn’t dead. Then, there’s the fact that there isn’t even a Chumless death hoax floating around right now.

So, why are people searching “Chumlee death” on search engines like Google right now?

Well, it is possible people are just checking on the beloved Pawn Stars star. After all, he hasn’t exactly been in the headlines recently.

Per the Kansas City Star, there was a time – roughly 3 years ago – in March of 2014 where the Pawn Stars star was the victim of a death hoax.

The Chumlee death hoax started to swirl on social media after a website called EBuzzd posted a story about it. The website claimed Chumlee died of a heart attack at the age of 31. The website did later recant the story as it wasn’t true. Kansas City Star pointed out the only thing the death hoax story got right about Chumlee was his age at the time.

Rick Harrison – Chumlee’s boss at Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas – also noticed the death hoax and took to Twitter to reassure fans that the Pawn Stars co-star was just fine. In fact, Rick mentioned the fact that Chumlee had actually lost 101 pounds and was in “the best health of his life” at the time the hoax started to swirl.

Harrison did go on to mention that everyone at Pawn Stars appreciated all of the concern everyone was giving for the well-being of their co-star.

Per Snopes, Chumlee is not even the only member of the Pawn Stars family to become the victim of a death hoax. In June of 2016, a rumor started to swirl claiming that Richard “Old Man” Harrison had passed away. The rumor originated on a Facebook page called “RIP ‘Old Man’ Harrison” which was created on June 26, 2016.

Despite the Facebook page continuing to post memes and status updates to suggest the “Old Man” had passed away – he was very much alive. His Pawn Stars co-stars nor the History Channel ever made a comment regarding his death hoax. It is, however, possible it just didn’t get as much traction as the Chumlee death hoax did.

Austin 'Chumlee' Russell

It is also possible “Chumlee death” is trending because people are still curious whether or not his arrest in March of 2016 was the death of his career. As KTNV reminds us, Chumlee was arrested in March of last year for multiple guns, methamphetamine, marijuana and Xanax in his home. According to the police report, a search warrant was obtained for Chumlee’s house after an adult female claimed to be assaulted.

During the search, police seized all of the following items from Chumlee’s house.

A black shirt, digital scales, multiple clear plastic baggies, a clear plastic baggie with white residue, a rolled up $1 bill, a brown bedspread, a.45 caliber handgun and magazine, a smoking pipe, rolling papers, ODV and marijuana in various size bags, multiple Xanax “Zanie” bars, and 12 handguns and rifles.

Per USA Today, Chumlee did not see any jail time for his drug and gun related charges. Chumlee is also still very much a part of the Pawn Stars family, and the charges did not appear to be the death of his career.

Chances are pretty good people are searching “Chumlee death” to check on the beloved member of the Pawn Stars family and to see if there were any updates regarding his arrest in the earlier part of last year. Fans of the History Channel series, however, will be happy to know “Chumlee death” isn’t trending because the star is dead.

For those who are still concerned, Chumlee did post on Twitter as few as two days ago. So, we can be pretty sure he’s still alive.

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