‘Powerless’: Meet the Cast of NBC’s and DC Comics New Comedy

Critics of DC Comics movies like Man of Steel and Batman v Superman have complained that the films have been too dark. While the new TV show, Powerless, may not be what they had in mind, darkness will not be a problem with the NBC show. Being touted as DC’s first comedy, Powerless actually pokes fun of the genre while still being a part of it. Think of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as a comedy, and you’ll get the idea.

Danny Pudi, Vanessa Hudgens and Jennie Pierson in "Powerless."

The action takes place in Charm City, a place that has taken a toll of destruction over the years because of the battles between good and evil. This is where Wayne Security, a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises, is located. The struggling company creates new products to help aid citizens from the damage that can be done by both supervillains and superheroes. Keeping up with the villains is difficult and often the team feels “powerless.” It is run by Bruce Wayne’s clueless cousin, Van who has just hired young Emily Locke to serve as Director of Research and Development. Emily has stars in her eyes when arriving in the city. On her way to her first day at the company, her train is attacked by a supervillain. Luckily for Emily, the villain’s plan was thwarted by Crimson Fox, but when she arrives late for work, no one is impressed. They’ve seen it all before.

Things don’t get better for Emily as they day goes on. Her boss is full of himself, his assistant is condescending and Emily’s new employees do not take a liking to her big ideas or her cheery attitude but somehow you know that they are going to gel just fine.

Christina Kirk and Vanessa Hudgens in "Powerless."

Powerless is NBC’s next silly comedy series in the same vain as last fall’s big hit, The Good Place. In some ways, both shows are a throwback to the days of fantasy sitcoms like I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched and The Munsters.

Vanessa Hudgens, known for her roles in the High School Musical movies, plays the lead character and thoroughly loves it. “I am excited to watch it myself. I am always cracking up on set, [and] I feel like I am really going to actually enjoy watching the show,” Hudgens told VogueTeen. Hudgens also likes the concept of the show. She told Entertainment Tonight, “It’s something that hasn’t really been explored much. The attention’s always on the superheroes… What about the people who are trying to live their lives, and do their jobs who are affected by it?”

Alan Tudyk plays Bruce Wayne's cousin, Van in "Powerless."

Other characters of the new series to take note of include:

  • Van Wayne: Played by Alan Tudyk (Suburgatory). He’s the cousin of Bruce Wayne running Wayne Security in Charm City. He thinks of himself as a big deal. He isn’t.
  • Jackie: Played by Christina Kirk (A to Z). She’s Van’s sarcastic assistant who was once as idealistic as Emily.
  • Teddy: Played by Danny Pudi (Community). He’s an inventor who is more concerned with color scheme than function.
  • Ron: Played by Ron Funches (Undateable). He’s another inventor who has some great ideas that aren’t always thought through.
  • Wendy: Played by Jennie Pierson (Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates). She’s another inventor who is the least willing to given Emily a chance to prove herself.
  • Steve: Played by Josh Breeding (Detention). He’s basically a human crash test dummy.
Josh Breeding and Ron Funches in "Powerless."


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Powerless is part of NBC’s 2017 winter/spring schedule lineup which debuts on Thursday, February 2 at 8:30 p.m. following the surprise hit, Superstore. NBC’s other new comedies include John Lithgow’s Trial & Error which begins on Tuesday, March 7 at 9:30 p.m. and Great News (from the producers of 30 Rock) which begins on Tuesday, April 25 at 9:00 p.m.

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