‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Joseline Hernandez Continues To Impress With Her Post-Baby Body Bounce Back

Joseline Hernandez wasn’t playing around with her fitness while pregnant with her newborn, Bonnie Bella, and all that work is definitely paying off. TMZ cameras caught up with Joseline while she was in New York City to co-host on The Real. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star spilled the beans on her secret to that post-baby body bounce back, the origin of Bonnie Bella’s name and she even shared news about when that delivery special will finally be aired on VH1.

The run in with the Puerto Rican princess happened on Thursday night and the camera man who interviewed her made sure to give her plenty of compliments. To that, Joseline told him that she had her baby two and a half weeks prior. Considering that baby Bonnie Bella was born on December 28, it actually puts her at three full weeks old but who is counting right?

In any case, Joseline really did get back in dancing shape rather quickly, and she’s already been back to work before her gig on The Real. Last week she was spotted dancing and even rapping a little bit during an appearance at the Museum Bar during Black Pride ATL. Although Joseline normally demands $15,000 for an appearance, she was reportedly paid just $10,000 to show up at the event, shake her booty a little bit and rap a few bars for her fans. She didn’t leave before having a few drinks and taking advantage of the shrimp and steak tacos that the bar serves up fresh.

When asked about her secret to getting back in shape so quickly after having her baby, Joseline Hernandez said she didn’t really gain that much weight to begin with. The LHHATL star didn’t know exactly how much weight she had lost but claimed that it was around 10-15 pounds.

Joseline also said that the hardest part of her pregnancy had nothing to do with the Stevie J drama or the food cravings or even childbirth itself. Instead, she said the biggest difficulty was not knowing she was pregnant until she hit the three-month mark.


Stevie J’s ex claimed that she’s obeying doctor’s orders and is not getting down in the bedroom during the first six weeks after giving birth to her baby. It’s pretty clear that she’s not sitting around and healing, though. The Puerto Rican princess has been on the go quite a bit since giving birth, probably because she has bills to pay now and another mouth to feed.

Joseline did say that she’s enjoying motherhood and to be fair, it does seem to suit her pretty well. The Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star is known for her wild, hard-partying ways and while even her baby shower had strippers and a questionable cake, she still seems to have settled into motherhood in a more normal way than anyone could have expected.

Hernandez opened up about her new daughter’s name, saying that she really just loved the name Bonnie and decided to use it on her baby. When it comes to Bonnie’s middle name, Joseline went for a word that described her tiny tot and Bella means beautiful in Spanish. What a perfect name for such a cute baby girl!

For those who are still waiting to see Joseline Hernandez’s delivery special on VH1, she did give an update. Even though she gave birth in December and her baby was originally due in January, it looks like the network is holding out on airing the delivery special and it will be televised at some point in April. It’ll probably come out right before Season 6 of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta premieres to get fans excited for the new season.

[Featured Image by Joseline Hernandez/Instagram]