Stacey Dash Pens 1,344 Word Rant On 2012 Election, Disillusionment

Stacey Dash is really upset that Mitt Romney didn’t win the 2012 election. We know this because she sent TMZ a 1,344 word rant about her post-election depression.

The actress was previously best-known for playing Dionne in Clueless but entered the public stage yet again ahead of the 2012 election with a controversial endorsement of GOP candidate Mitt Romney. “How can this be? She’s a woman! And African-American!” the internet cried. Thereafter, she received incredibly disturbing, even racist, criticism via Twitter.

In light of President Obama’s uncontested re-election, Dash has apparently been hard at work typing up a rebuttal to the entire 2012 election, having produced an impressive 1,344 words on the subject.

“Dash touches on sleeping, hanging chads, her baby, her DNA, Osama Bin Laden … and she also refers to herself in the 3rd person,” says TMZ.

We don’t know if Dash’s epic 1,344 word political rant is impressive or sad, but, hey, it exists.

“Perhaps I publically endorsed Romney from a slightly naive place, thinking that I could speak my voice without being criticized in such racially charged and hateful tones,” Dash said in the letter. “People get it wrong. My vote for Romney isn’t a vote against Obama. That’s not how full participants in the democratic process operate. We vote for candidates and we vote for issues.”

And more:

“An elderly woman stands in the same grocery line pinching pennies to buy a can of soup while a woman is buying marshmallow fluff with food stamps…,” she wrote. “Ultimately I know that what Stacey Dash thinks about who will be the next president of the United States isn’t that important in the scheme of things- but I feel a desperation for the country. The fact is, that when the two parties are not working together, it makes things worse!”

Dash’s 1,344 word rant concludes: “I am hopeful that President Obama will lead us to becoming the great United States of America that thrives.”

You can read Stacey Dash’s 1,344 word rant in its entirety at TMZ.