Why Royal Watchers Find Meghan Markle’s Bohemian Gift To Kate Middleton Questionable

Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle, who also happens to be a lifestyle guru, recently met the Duchess of Cambridge and brought along a “bohemian” gift which raised the brows of some royal watchers. Since the visit coincides with the birth month of Duchess Catherine, still referred to by many as Kate Middleton, the Suits actress gave her a dream journal.

Kate Middleton smiling

Sensing that Kate already has a lot of fancy things in her abode, it appears that Meghan wanted to give Prince William’s wife something unique.

The purpose of a dream journal is for the recipient to record his or her night’s dreams upon waking up. Since it is believed that the things an individual dreams about speaks a lot about his or her unconscious mind, tracking dreams is potentially a way to better understand one’s stresses.

Some royal watchers believe that Meghan’s gift can be tricky because Kate might not be the type of woman who often “stresses” over things. After all, she is married to her best friend, and both of them have two adorable toddlers.

While being a part of the royal family is tough because of the glare of publicity, Kate seems to know how to keep her privacy intact based on her previous interviews. Regardless of the prying eyes surrounding them, she and William make it a point to give George and Charlotte an unassuming childhood.

Keeping a dream journal likewise calls for consistency. Apart from logging one’s dreams upon awakening, some suggest recording “emotionally charged” moments that took place that day. This is significant to be able to determine the areas in one’s life that needs further checking.

Vanity Fair writers Julie Miller and Josh Duboff branded the dream journal as something that Meghan would buy for herself. Her Instagram bio suggests that she takes pride in being a “lover of handwritten notes.” Her feed also contains various quotes about self-actualization.

Polly Hudson of the Mirror said that the gift might appear to be a treat “but is actually work” because “dreams are just the worst.”

Even if some believe that the dream journal could be burdensome, the mother-of-the-two surely thanked Meghan for thinking about her. The Daily Beast reports that Prince Harry truly values his sister-in-law’s opinions when it comes to his romances. Harry reportedly has high regard for Kate’s judgment because he looks up to her as an older sister – a figure he never got especially after Princess Diana’s death.

Princess Diana with Prince Harry

Kate and Chelsy Davy never really shared fond “sisterly” moments because of their different characters. The Duchess appeared to not fancy Cressida Bonas either, and it did not help that she was the half-sister of Isabella Branson, one of William’s former girlfriends.

Celebrity Dirty Laundry reported that Kate is allegedly not pleased with how Meghan is “stealing the spotlight” from her. Meghan was recently hailed the “Most Googled Actress of 2016.”

“Kate Middleton might not be looking forward to all of the changes that are ahead for the New Year. In fact, Kate knows her days as the most popular and photographed member of the royal family are numbered.”

However, Gossip Cop was quick to refute the rumors that Kate fears that she “will soon become yesterday’s forgotten news.” As per the website, Kate is not intimidated at all and that CDL is just trying to stir up a feud.

Meghan’s half-brother previously said that Prince Harry is lucky because the actress never expressed interest in becoming a princess even when they were still growing up. Nonetheless, Thomas Markle Jr. believes that Meghan is right for the job because she is a “refined, well-rounded” woman.

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