Carrie Fisher Is Down For More ‘Star Wars’ [Video]

Actress Carrie Fisher is downright excited about potentially appearing the new Star Wars film.

Speculation regarding where Disney plans on taking the Star Wars franchise after acquiring it from George Lucas for a cool $4 billion is through the roof, and there is little confirmed thus far. What we know for sure? Disney owns Star Wars now, and they’re going to be making a new film for release in 2015.

Actress Carrie Fisher, who portrayed Princess Leia in the original trilogy, would love to be in that film.

Fisher was at LAX yesterday when TMZ asked if she’d accept a role in Star Wars: Episode 7, currently in development at Disney. She said, “Yes. Sure. Wouldn’t you?”

Will she get that chance? That depends, but probably not. Mark Hamill reportedly expressed an interest, and Harrison Ford is said to be open to the idea of playing Han Solo again (though every interview he’s ever given on the subject points the opposite way).

Disney says that Episode 7 will be a brand-new story, and unless they go all Knights of the Old Republic on us, the film will take place post-ROTJ. In the Star Wars expanded universe, committed largely to books, video games, and graphic novels, Luke, Leia and Han all still play major roles, with the latter two marrying and having kids.

Maybe Star Wars: Episode 7 could take place a good 20 years down the road, with Han Solo and Leia’s kids fully-grown adults. Our heroes from the original series could be relegated to supporting characters or even just cameos. Anything is possible.

No word on whether or not Carrie Fisher is open to squeezing into a golden bikini again.

Here’s TMZ‘s drive-by interview with Carrie Fisher about Star Wars: Episode 7.

Carrie Fisher — Damn Right I Wanna Be in the New ‘Star Wars’
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