‘The Bachelor’ Star Corinne Olympios’ Mom Claims The Show Is Fake, Wants Fans To Stop Calling Her

Corinne Olympios and her antics have made her a villain on Season 21 of The Bachelor, but now her mom is speaking out, claiming all is not what it seems. After watching her daughter get slammed left and right for the devious things she’s been doing on the show, Corinne’s mom went to TMZ to clear up any misconceptions about her daughter. She also wants fans to quit calling her number before she calls the police on them.

Corinne has been doing the most to keep the cameras trained on her, and it’s making the other women really not like her. From disappearing whenever she sees fit to throwing herself at Nick Viall, she’s pretty much made enemies with all the other females vying for Viall’s attention.

Peri Olympios says that most of what The Bachelor fans are seeing is fake and that Corinne has been edited to look bad on TV. While the mother of what might be the most spoiled grown woman on TV admitted that Corinne might have gone overboard a few times, she also said that her daughter had been edited to look even worse for reality TV.

It seems that Peri might be in denial about what her daughter has been up to. The elder Ms. Olympios denied that Corinne was showing off her breasts to Nick Viall when she took her bikini top off in the pool. Peri claimed that Corinne was wearing “cover ups” and that she wasn’t exposed at all.

When it came to that scene where Corinne covered those same breasts with whipped cream, she did admit that her daughter crossed the line that time. She didn’t claim that Corinne was wearing anything to cover her exposed mammaries that time around either.


It seems that Peri Olympios had another reason for calling in and talking about Corinne and The Bachelor. Apparently, her phone number is pretty easy to obtain, and a few fans of the ABC reality show did just that.

Not only did they get Peri’s number but she is complaining that people are calling her nonstop. The Bachelor villain’s mom claims that she’s putting together a list of all the callers who have been bothering her at home to talk about Corinne’s antics on the show.

“If you feel the need to call me, you will be getting, um, written reports eventually. I’m waiting for them all to be collected in at the end of the season,” Peri warned. “Believe me, I have every one of your phone numbers and know where you’re calling from… and so will the police.”


It’s unclear what Peri plans to do about the overzealous fans who are calling her house. It doesn’t seem that making a phone call is illegal or would warrant any legal action unless someone was harassing her. Then again, we’re talking about Corinne Olympios’ mom here, and it’s pretty safe to assume that Corinne got her ability to be dramatic from somewhere.

Keep in mind that Corinne is 25-years old and still lives at home with her parents. To make matters even more shocking, fans learned early in the season that Nick Viall’s suitor still employees her childhood nanny to cook and clean for her. It really shouldn’t be too surprising that Corinne Olympios acts entitled and has a hard time connecting with the other women on the show. She’s used to getting everything that she wants and never being told no.

How much of Corinne Olympios’ bad behavior do you think is editing and how much is really her on The Bachelor? Tell us what you think about of the Season 21 villain and everything she’s doing to grab the attention of Nick Viall in the comments section below.

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